‘Impact Business Models in the Food transition’

How do we realize this change and make a positive impact for the earth, people, animals and economy?

This requires, above all, a systemic change with impact business models.

Therefore, we hosted an inspiration session on 30 November 2023 with 20 industry leaders to discuss best practices and required next steps to accelerate the journey towards sustainable food systems, on local and global level. Because, working together in the chain is necessary for fundamental change. Watch the video below to get an impression of the event!

The following change makers shared their experiences and insights on the transformation journey towards more sustainable business models in the food transition. Very inspiring stories about how collaboration in the chain leads to innovative solutions with more positive impact.
– Volkert Engelsman, former CEO Eosta and founder Robin Food Coalition: pioneer in the international growth and development of organic agriculture.
– Annemarie Jorna, COO at Royal Koopmans: stimulates with the Nedertarwe initiative real sustainability in the entire grain chain.
– Michiel Elich, CEO Powered by Enviu: initiates fundamental innovation in the production chain aimed at sustainability and positive impact.

As a consulting firm, most of our impact is made through our client projects. Our mission is that 100% of our projects have a positive impact. We drive this via our Impact Improvement business model which is part of our B Corp organization. We are motivated to guide companies on their transformational journey towards more sustainable food systems. Companies in retail, food packaging, food logistics and manufacturing, to name but a few. Curious about our projects? Read our cases here: https://beenmc.com/inspiration/#Cases

Together with our partner Powered by Enviu, we are committed to driving a sustainable system, aiming to help organizations deliver long-lasting positive impact on people and planet through their products and services, and throughout their value chain. We are eager to work on building your sustainable business of the future.
Read our full story here: https://beenmc.com/announcing-a-new-alliance-for-impactful-business/

Let’s explore how we can accelerate your journey towards impactful and sustainable business practices. Learn more about our work?
Reach out to our Customer Engagement Manager Iris Bruinink via +31 (0)6 10 81 9420. Together we can change the food system for a better world!

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