You’re facing a challenge. Unlike any before. We bring your team’s performance to new heights. Finding new ways of organizing. Getting better – for people and planet – every day.

Scaling up

You’re facing a challenge. You need to grow and perform fast. We find a better way to organize your company. Helping you to perform on a new level.

Performance Assessment

We help you identify untapped potential in your organization. Together, we find the best way to organize your company to deliver the performance needed.

First, we connect your team and define a shared vision of the desired results of our project. What will success look like? Next, we assess your organization’s performance on several aspects. It’s organizational structure, processes, governance model, and its culture.  A full picture of your current capabilities and issues. We will uncover the root causes of recurring issues. And brainstorm about possible solutions. Together, we prioritize such improvement initiatives, balancing their impact and effort.  This increases focus and chances of success. We end with a concrete and comprehensive performance improvement plan.


Performance improvement to be implemented right away. Tapping into your potential, fast.

Value Chain Optimization

What if you join forces and solve problems together? There are many alternative forms of organizing work when you work together with your value chain.

First, we start with your own organization. What capabilities are essential to your organization’s core business? What are activities that might be trusted to other parties? Then, we explore the market. What do your current suppliers and partners think of new ways of organizing? Are there new developments and parties in the market? Next, we go back to the drawing board. Did we find untapped potential in the market? What kind of organization, processes, governance, and capabilities would you need to develop to tap into this potential? Next, we help you develop and test this new approach together in the marketplace.

Uncovering potential by working together with parties

Performance management

You need to improve your teams’ performance. We offer you a holistic perspective on performance management. One works on short-term and long-term performance. Looking beyond financial value.

Sustainable Performance Model

Together, we determine what a ‘good performance’ looks like. Stimulating integrated decision making; considering the impact on the environment and the stakeholders, not just shareholders. Working on long-term success.

We interview workshop participants and assess current key performance indicators (KPIs) and meetings structures. In a first workshop, teams explores the issues with the current governance model. In many cases, planet and people are not an integrated in decision making. In the second workshop, teams define relevant KPIs and design a so-called KPI-tree, which ties it all together in a logical order. Ensuring all aspects of a ‘good performance’ are incorporated. In the third workshop, teams decide on a new governance model and its implementation. We end with an overview of all improvements to be made to turn this into reality.

Teams adjust their day-to-day performance to support long-term goals

Run vs. Change Framework

To achieve your goals, you must work on changes in both the long and the short term. How can you improve current performance, whilst making changes for the future? This helps break down the journey in smaller steps.

We’ll provide you with a smart framework: ‘running the business’ and ‘changing the business’. We start with your strategic plan: what are your desired goals and ambitions? Second, we translate these into concrete, measurable indicators. Next, we perform a fit-gap analysis: are you making enough progress to reach those goals? Most of the times, the answer is ’no’. Together, we define strategic change initiatives to minimize this gap. The final step is to help you install effective meetings to review your performance. Separating ‘running the business’ from ‘changing the business’. This helps you focus on operational and strategic performance on the one hand. And on implementation of the required changes on the other hand.

Improving short-term performance and implementing long-term changes successfully.

Continuous Improvement

We help teams to work according to operational excellence and LEAN methods. Making it part of your day-to-day operations. Getting better every day.

Continuous Improvement

We help teams to work according to operational excellence and LEAN methods. Making it part of your day-to-day operations. Getting better every day.

First, we assess your teams’ potential for improvement of performance. Always including a sustainable perspective; reducing material use, energy use, waste, rework et cetera. Next, we set up an improvement plan and a structure to measure improvements on a structural basis. We implement improvements with the shop floor. Teaching them how to do this daily with a continuous improvement methodology. Transferring our skills to make continuous improvement part of the culture. So that teams will identify and implement improvements by themselves.

Teams empowered to work better every day.

Performance Coaching

How to make people responsible for their performance? We help your teams adopt continuous improvement in your day-to-day operations.

First. we set up a meeting structure, ensuring the right people talk at the right time about the right things. And take the right kinds of actions to reach goals. We attend these meetings and share our observations and feedback with the meeting chair. We reassess ‘meeting maturity’ and share insights with the group.

Teams equipped to improve their performance.

Working from head & heart

We always use our transformation model, which starts from the company’s vision. We supplement this with our intrinsic motivation to contribute to a better world. In this way, together with you, we ensure sustainable change that matters.

We work with head, heart, and soul. Have an understanding of companies and understand how behavioral change works. We’ll analyze the business side (organisational structure, governance, performance management, roles and responsibilities) as well as the human side (leadership, culture, behaviour, learning & development).

Let our cases inspire you to go further, faster. On your way to a sustainable business.​


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