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Our impact in 2023

As 2024 progresses, let’s take one final look at 2023. This past year sure had its share of global turbulence, from ongoing conflicts, increased global heating, to disrupting technologies (AI) and workers worldwide experience burnouts. Leading through uncertainty becomes the new normal. 

Yet, we find hope in the promising developments in sustainability and climate change. Companies are taking action to reduce their environmental impact and adopt sustainability in their business models. Leaders of companies are taking action because that ‘want to’ or they ‘have to’, due to upcoming Green Deal legislation (e.g. CSRD). Systemic change has never been higher on the agenda of businesses and society. It’s not an easy path, but a challenging one, where we are building new structures and cultures (mindset & behaviors).

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Our impact in 2022

In 2022, we were halfway of our transformational journey.
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