Announcing a new alliance for impactful business

We are excited to announce Been Management Consulting and Powered by Enviu are joining forces to support intrinsically motivated companies to build their business with more positive impact. With our unique collective experience in impact-driven strategy, innovation, transformation, and B Corp certification, we are eager to help organizations accelerate their sustainability agenda. Paving the way for successful B Corp certification or recertification, but more importantly, growing their business as a force for good.

It’s great to see more and more companies are and have been taking the step to get certified as a B Corp’, says Roel Beentjes, CEO of Been Management Consulting. ‘But this is really just the beginning: the journey to realize fundamental impact will require additional steps. The key question here is whether a company’s ambition is to just comply or to aim higher, to really build their business towards positive impact. To grow from B Corp to B Champion. These are the organizations we are eager to help with this alliance to make their ambitions happen.’

Michiel Elich, CEO of Powered by Enviu: ‘B Corp organizations should lead the way in addressing society’s most critical challenges. Through the certification process, an organization gains in-depth insight into the company’s true sustainability and impact performance and gets an idea of which areas could (or should) be further developed. The opportunity is to use that momentum to build on that: defining an (audacious) impact goal, setting direction, prioritizing, structuring for success, and getting into action to take impact to the next level.’

Both Been Management Consulting and Powered by Enviu are passionate about driving a sustainable system. Been Management Consulting guides organizations in accelerating strategy execution and transformation towards more sustainable business and – as a B Corp Way Partner – has been guiding companies to B Corp Certification for many years Powered by Enviu is a global impact strategy & innovation studio with almost 20 years of experience in designing, validating and realizing business and value chains with positive impact. ‘Through this unique collaboration, we can fully support organizations in making their impact ambitions happen,’ says Roel Beentjes. ‘Champion-style.’

Then let’s talk and move further, faster.

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