You’re heading in a new direction. We guide you through this. Together, you’ll go further.

Change Management

You’re heading in a new direction. Your company needs to change. Big time. We work top-down and bottom-up. Guiding leadership and employees through this change.

Change Impact Assessment

What exactly needs to change? We assess this together with your change leaders.

First, we get the right people on board: the change leaders. Together, we create a vision for the future. What will the organization look like? Next,  we specify the changes needed. Think of new organizational structures, processes, and jobs. Comparing this to the current organization, we identify the impact. What the change entails for everyone. Together, we make an overview of activities needed to support this change. 

A detailed insight of changes, supported by your change leaders.

Change Engagement

Together, you’ll go further and faster. We help involve all stakeholders in this change.

Now you know what is changing, you can start to plan the route to change. We use a differentiated approach to the different stakeholder groups, depending on the way they are impacted by the change. We plan different activities for the stakeholders. We make sure there’s a two-way communication, using the wisdom of not only leaders but also employees. Making sure all activities suit the organization’s culture and needs. Communication is key throughout the entire journey. We make sure to manage and monitor this, to adapt where necessary. 

A faster change by engaging all stakeholders.

Leadership & Team Development

Change is not easy. You need a diverse team that takes responsibility and works together successfully. We help your leadership & team development.

Team Development

We assess the strengths of your leaders and teams, using renowned methodologies. We have a team of consultants that are certified CliftonStrengths and MyDrives coaches. They help you assess which strong points will help you to be successful in your change.

First, your people take their own assessment and learn about their own strong points. We help them appreciate how they can use their strengths in their work. Then, we create a team overview. What are dominant traits in the group? Are there any blind spots? Next, we discuss how individual preferences and strengths steer interaction. How can we celebrate our differences and tap into each others’ strengths?

Improved team performance from mutual understanding.

Leadership Development

As a leader, you need to be conscious of your leadership style. How can you adapt your style to the needs of your employees, organization, and other stakeholders.

We start with your leadership team: what kind of leaders does your organization want and nee? Next, we zoom in on individual leaders and have one-on-one conversations. How do you see yourself as a leader and how do you want to grow? Next, we make sure leadership grow in their role and feel comfortable to have meaningful conversations with their people. Finally, we reflect one-on-one with the leaders on their progress.

Leaders who are equipped to navigate change and create trust and team spirit.

Behavioral Change

We know how behavioral change works. We help stimulate and motivate teams throughout their journey.

We’ll assess which behaviors you want to stimulate. Next, we translate this into micro actions. These are small gestures that take a step in the right direction. Every step reinforces new behavior. Creating a positive culture where people are stimulated to learn. For instance, by celebrating milestones. A great way to show you care, to share lessons learned, and to toast to success.

Speeding up the pace of change.

Partner Up

You cannot change a system alone. You need partners to increase your impact, and chances of success. Together, you go further

Coalition for Change

We help find like-minded partners to build a coalition for change. Be surprised by solutions and business opportunities you’ll find together.


First, we define the ambitions of the initiating party. When would you call this coalition a success? Are you looking for a long-term partnership for collective action or a short-term pragmatic approach? From our network, we carefully select decision makers of companies with similar values and ambitions.

Next, we organize several session to work together to solve common problems. All based on mutual trust. In short, it’s having the right conversation with the right people.

New solutions, but also new business opportunities.

Sustainability Inspiration Session

Let the experiences of others inspire you. Learn from the best.

We organize inspiration sessions with pioneers who make a positive impact with their business. How do companies like DSM, Interface, Auping, or Danone create positive impact on planet and people? How did they change from a traditional to a sustainable business?

A head start by learning from and connecting with relevant sustainable companies.

Working from head & heart

We always use our transformation model, which starts from the company’s vision. We supplement this with our intrinsic motivation to contribute to a better world. In this way, together with you, we ensure sustainable change that matters.

We work with head, heart, and soul. Have an understanding of companies and understand how behavioral change works. We’ll analyze the business side (organisational structure, governance, performance management, roles and responsibilities) as well as the human side (leadership, culture, behaviour, learning & development).



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