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Xpedition to the Source

Five times a year, we organize an online round table discussion with world-class leaders in business and sustainability. They share their experiences and insights about a strategic theme. Varying from 'Courageous leadership' to 'From Managing Shareholders to Managina Stakeholders'. And from 'The Influence of the SDGs' to 'The Pain of CO2'. We call this sequel 'Xpedition to the Source'.

You can join the conversation by being part of our online audience. Are ready to for you adventure into leadership & sustainability?

Value Based Health Care

Webinar Patient-Centric Supply Chains - Replay now

Earlier this year, we broadcast a webinar on Patient-Centric Supply Chains. We discussed several topics, such as:

  • What are the best ways to build an interface between a drug and the individual patient?
  • How to deal with the increasing diversity and personalization of medicines?
  • How can we contribute to a sustainable and innovative healthcare system by adding patient-centricity to the pharmaceutical supply chain? ​

Would you also like to be inspired about Patient-Centric Supply Chains? Click below to view the entire recording.


Webinar Energy Transition - Replay now

It is with great pleasure that we look back on our online energy event of December 10, 2020. The participants and the public had lively conversations about topics such as:

  • What is the biggest accelerator of an energy transition
  • Is citizen participation a pleasure or a burden
  • Does innovation in the energy sector come from within or without
  • Can the energy transition yield money

Were you unable to attend and want to watch the broadcast again? Click here to see the full recording (in Dutch).

Hosts Leen Zevenbergen and Mirjam Penders spoke with the guests beforehand about their vision on the energy transition. Check our Soundcloud-timeline for these interviews (in Dutch).

Many thanks to the following speakers:

  • Jos Keurentjes - Program Director Energy Innovation, University of Twente
  • Erik Pool - Director Participation at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Ruud Koornstra - National Energy Commissioner, Chair Smart Climate Opportunities/CSR Netherlands
  • Miranda Berkhof - CEO Zelfstroom
  • Arthur van Wylick - Founder Plusu
  • Rob Rietveld - General Director Netherlands Platform Civic Participation and Government Policy (NPBO)
  • Patrick van der Meulen - Sustainable entrepreneur & Founder
  • Roebyem Anders - Chief Mission Officer Sungevity
  • Ruben Dijkstra - Director Offshore Wind ENECO

Webinar Resilient Mindset (in Dutch) - Replay now

When it comes to health, many people think of physical functioning. But health is more than just your body; your mental and emotional state also plays an essential role in a healthy and resilient life. This health starts in your brain.

During the webinar, we discussed how the brain works and its influence on direct your thoughts. Your brain is neuroplastic, which means that it can adapt to changing circumstances. It's up to you to use this positively and experience more resilience and positivity in your daily life!

Thanks to Marieke Siero for hosting this webinar!

Were you not able to participate, or do you want to watch again? Check the link below.