‘Innovative collaboration in the Energy Transition’

Embracing the wisdom of “If you want to go far, go together,” we recognize that achieving a net-zero energy system requires collective and decisive action. While individual efforts are commendable, combining forces across businesses amplifies the impact.

Meet Lieke van den Dungen

To complete our mission toward 100% impact projects, we need a diverse team of consultants. With different expertise, backgrounds, and personalities. Let’s meet our team of consultants. What motivates Lieke van den Dungen in her assignments?

How do big users respond to the energy crisis?

Energy Users Report

We surveyed 13 large energy users in The Netherlands. How are they handling the energy crisis? How does it affect the transition to a sustainable energy system? We’re pleased to share the results in the report ‘Speeding up when it’s time to slow down’

Meet Pieter Minnee

This fall, ever-enthusiastic Pieter Minnee finished his traineeship. After two years helping companies transition to a more sustainable energy system, he’s ready for the next step. A career as consultant in the energy transition at Been Management Consulting. What makes the energy transition so exciting? And how does Pieter want to contribute? Let’s meet Pieter Minnee.


How we helped public transport company Transdev to find partners in the energy transition.



How we helped industrial service provider ERIKS to accelerate its hydrogen innovations.


Full-focus on the energy transition. How we helped this regional grid operator increase performance to handle the workload of the energy transition.

"I want to make positive impact through my client projects."