Partner up, it’s magic

Magic can come from one human being reaching out to another human being. After reaching out several times, Michiel Scholten from the True Price Initiative received a phone call from Albert Heijn’s Marit van Egmond. The CEO of the biggest retailer in The Netherlands asked: can we talk about making (our unaccounted) environmental and social costs of our products explicit? Letting customers choose if they want to compensate? On April 18th, they started an experiment for take-away coffee started in 3 locations.

Marit van Egmond

Fairphone produces the most sustainable, user-friendly mobile phones. CEO Eva Gouwens wants to provide an alternative to Apple and Samsung phones. She also wants to show those big brands how sustainability can be done. One example is working on fair practices in sourcing cobalt – a key ingredient for batteries. Fairphone teamed up with companies like Tesla, Volkswagen, and Google and started the Fair Cobalt Alliance. Fair phones are possible, that’s what Eva Gouwens proves.

Patagonia is a leading example when it comes to corporate activism. Beth Thoren shared the company’s work on persevering Europe’ last wild river – Vjosa in Albania. Patagonia’s focused on connecting civil society, business, and governments to work together on regulation to ensure the river remains free flowing. Helping protect the 1,100 animal species that live there. And looking out for 100,000 people whose livelihoods, culture and way of life have been tied to a wild Vjosa for centuries.

Eva Gouwens

At the summit, we also shared our own story together with Huhtamaki. It’s a company that wants to ban plastic and provide 100% sustainable food packaging. Read here what consultants Marine Clément, Marieke Siero and Huhtamaki’s Wouter Kienstra shared on stage.

Partnering up, it’s magical. That’s what was proved once more at the B for Good Leaders Summit. Find out more about new and smart ways to partner up for your journey here.

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