Been Management Consulting joins B for Good Leaders Summit

Been Management Consulting is joining 1,000 leaders who want to build a new kind of economy. After the world’s first B for Good Leaders’ Summit in Rome in 2022, the summit is coming to Amsterdam. Leaders from across the globe will come to form a ‘business-for-good’ movement. What is this movement about? And wat is Been Management Consulting’s role in all this?

1,000 leaders in Amsterdam

The B for Good Leaders’ Summit is 2-day encounter of 1,000 leaders across the globe. CEOs, founders, owners, board members, and investors who want to build a regenerative economy. Who want to use their business as a force for good.

On the guest list are:

  • Marit van Egmond, CEO, Albert Heijn
  • Femke Halsema, the mayor of Amsterdam
  • Geraldine Matchett, Co-CEO of DSM
  • Sir Geoff Mulgan, Professor of Collective Intelligence at University College London
  • Anuradha Chugh, Chief Executive of Pukka Herbs
  • Riccardo Bellini, CEO of Chloé
  • And many others

Building a new kind of economy

The B for Good Leaders Network is co-founded by Leen Zevenbergen. He’s the co-founder of B Lab Europe, the organization behind B Corp. Leen is a longtime advocate and trailblazer for a regenerative. Leen: “After last year’s success in Rome, I’m pleased the summit will come to Amsterdam. The summit will be very much action oriented. Focused on creating business opportunities and partnerships. Focused on providing ample opportunities to connect and act.”

Been Management Consulting official partner

Managing partner and founder Roel Beentjes already joined the B for Good Leaders Network as a steward earlier this year. Now, Been Management Consulting is an official partner of this year’s summit. Roel: “Our team will be joining and supporting the summit in multiple ways. We’ll be sharing our clients’ journey to a better business on stage. We’ll be aiding the summit organization with practical help. We’ll be there to host 1-on-1 sessions in our own area at the summit. All meant to inspire, act, and connect. Together.”

Please reach out to our team before, during, or after the summit in person. Or give a shout out on LinkedIn via @Been Management Consulting or #beenforgood.

Please find more information about the summit here.

Meer weten?

Learn more? Please contact Roel Beentjes op 06-20 99 67 53 of mail naar

Roel Beentjes - Been Management Consulting

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