If your company wants to survive in the 21st century, you face fundamental transformations. Been Management Consulting guides you in this. We stimulate change and collaboration in underlying systems. Aimed at lasting positive impact for your organization, people and the world.

We call this systemic change. Systemic change is not easy. It requires intensive cooperation, looking at things differently and courage.

The guts to try new things, realize breakthroughs and walk unfamiliar paths. We see it as an exciting expedition. As the route for future-proof business and a better world.

We have already started. Are you in as well?

What can we do for you?



Shape your strategy

You have a dream. You want your company to be future-proof. In a way that contributes to a better world, that is. How do you turn your vision into tangible plans?

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Boost your performance

You want to bring your team's performance to new heights. Because you're facing a challenge unlike one before. What needs to be in place to deliver this performance? How do you measure successes?

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Transformatie Been Management Consulting

Mobilize your organization

Your mission goes above and beyond anything you've ever done before. Your company's DNA needs to change. How do you get people on board of this journey? How do you speed up the pace of this transformation?

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Your journey to a better business

We believe companies can combine growth and profit with a positive contribution to society. Been Management Consulting guides you in this transformation. We see this as an exciting expedition. As the best way to create a future-proof business and a better world. Are you ready? 

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Your Transformation to a Better Business

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Popular interventions


B Corp worden

Become a B Corp

B Corps are business that use business as a force for good. There are 5.000+ B Corps worldwide, and counting.  We think every company should ask itself the following question: to B or not to B?

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Business Dialogue 2 (2048 X 1367)

Business dialogue

Managing boards of two different companies seldomly meet. It is even more rare two complete boards meet for half a day to exchange and discuss their issues and challenges. But when they do, it can be hugely rewarding. This is what Business Dialogues are all about.

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