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Gijs-Jan Otten
This Tuesday, I’m working at our client’s office. A grid operator that wants to improve its teams’ performance. Since the office is close to the station, I travel by train. Today, I facilitate a workshop to identify improvement potential in their processes. Not just financial performance, but also social and environmental performance. Yesterday, I prepared the workshop with our client. I start at 08.30, making sure all materials are in place. At 09.00 the workshop participants join, and we start the session. We use all morning to go through the processes and assess where we can make most impact. At 12.30 I go for lunch with some of the workshop participants. After lunch, I join a meeting with other Been consultants who all work on projects for this client. We help each other by sharing information and spotting new opportunities. I use the rest of the afternoon to recap the workshop outcomes and I evaluate the workshop with my Been project manager. At 17.30, I take the train back home. I use my time to prepare for Friday’s intervision session with other (senior) consultants. We help each other in our personal and professional development, with the help of an external coach.

We help each other in our personal and professional development.

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