Meet Hannah Foaden

Hannah Foaden switched ‘from Big4 to Been’ to join our Food Transition team. What consulting expertise does she bring along? Why did Hannah choose us? In what way does she hope to make impact on the food transition? Let’s meet Hannah.

‘Innovative collaboration in the Energy Transition’

Embracing the wisdom of “If you want to go far, go together,” we recognize that achieving a net-zero energy system requires collective and decisive action. While individual efforts are commendable, combining forces across businesses amplifies the impact.

‘Impact Business Models in the Food transition’

The transition towards a sustainable food system is needed to meet our food needs now and in the future. How do we realize this change and make a positive impact for the earth, people, animals and economy?

Presenting Huhtamaki’s journey to 100% sustainable packaging

B for Good Leaders 2023

Together with our client Huhtamaki, we took the stage at the B for Good Leaders Summit in Amsterdam. Consultant Marieke Siero interviewed her coworker Marine Clément and Huhtamaki’s Wouter Kienstra. What sustainable transformation did this food packaging company undergo?

Scaling up sustainable food packaging

How interim manufacturing manager André Seldeslachts helped Huhtamaki meet demand. Showing efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. Let’s catch up.

How do big users respond to the energy crisis?

Energy Users Report

We surveyed 13 large energy users in The Netherlands. How are they handling the energy crisis? How does it affect the transition to a sustainable energy system? We’re pleased to share the results in the report ‘Speeding up when it’s time to slow down’

Partner up, it’s magic

Magical, that’s what the B for Good Leaders’ Summit was. Leaders working together to bring about systemic change. These are our favorites.

Systemic change in townships continues

In 2022, we committed ourselves to a South-African NGO called Rhiza Babuyile. We supported a program that improves preschools in townships. We’re happy to share we’ll continue this support in 2023. What does this program entail? What do we do support it? And how does it create systemic change?

"I want to make positive impact through my client projects."