Roderick Oe

“I want to create an inclusive and fair economy through my work.”

Malou Bok

“I want to make positive impact through my client projects.”

Leen Zevenbergen

“I work on my walnut farm in South-West France. Close the ground, physical work in the open air.”

Lieke van den Dungen

Lieke van den Dungen is Transformation & Change Consultant at Been Management Consulting. “I help organizations to create sustainable impact together.”

Hinkelien Schreuder

Hinkelien Schreuder

Hinkelien Schreuder is systemic change & performance improvement expert at Been Management Consulting. “I always strive to get the best out of people and their organisations. Creating impact together.”

Esther Eijkemans

Esther Eijkemans is Sustainability Expert at Been Management Consulting. “I focus on sustainability. Creating shared value: for people, planet, profit”

Laura Yap

Laura Yap

Laura Yap is Sustainability Consultant at Been Management Consulting. “People tell me they appreciate my enthusiasm and fresh perspective.”

Tosca Spee

Tosca Spee is People & Culture Manager of Been Management Consulting. “I’m passionate about connecting and developing people.”

Roel Beentjes

Roel Beentjes is Managing Director of Been Management Consulting. “I always look at the bigger picture and envision a positive future.”

"I want to make positive impact through my client projects."