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As a consulting firm, most of our impact is made through our client projects. Our mission is that 100% of our projects have a positive impact. We drive this via our Impact Improvement business model which is part of our B Corp organization. We are motivated to guide companies on their transformational journey towards more sustainable food systems. Companies in retail, food packaging, food logistics and manufacturing, to name but a few. Curious about our projects? Read our cases here: https://beenmc.com/inspiration/#Cases

Together with our partner Powered by Enviu, we are committed to driving a sustainable system, aiming to help organizations deliver long-lasting positive impact on people and planet through their products and services, and throughout their value chain. We are eager to work on building your sustainable business of the future.
Read our full story here: https://beenmc.com/announcing-a-new-alliance-for-impactful-business/

Let’s explore how we can accelerate your journey towards impactful and sustainable business practices. Learn more about our work?
Reach out to our Customer Engagement Manager Iris Bruinink via +31 (0)6 10 81 9420. Together we can change the food system for a better world!

"I want to make positive impact through my client projects."