Hoe gaan grote energieverbruikers om met de energiecrisis?

We surveyed 13 large energy users from the chemical, production, distribution, and transport industries in The Netherlands. A representative sample. The research was performed in close cooperation with Utrecht University, where co-author Teun Aarts is finishing his Master’s degree in Energy Science. The research results are considered scientifically valid.

Energy Transition expert Tijmen van Diepen about the survey: “We notice that global instability – war, shortages, climate change – leads to a local race for energy security and sustainability. We wondered: could this crisis speed up the transition to renewable energy sources? Reason for us to start this survey.”

Teun: “Almost every company is affected by the high energy prices. The top responses include creating more energy efficiency, consuming less energy, plus raising the prices of their products. To my surprise only 3 companies reported switching to renewable energy sources as a response to the crisis. We asked companies what barriers they meet in switching to renewables. Some were technical, such as the difficulty to replace steam by an electric alternative. But most are systemic. Requiring multiple players in the energy system to come together.”

Energy Users Report

Tijmen: “I believe it’s time for energy-intensive companies to be more proactive in the energy transition. This requires a systemic change, though. A new way of thinking and doing. In the report, we give recommendations on how to achieve this. Using our insights and experience from our work in the energy transition.”

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