Upjohn, a former division of Pfizer

Support the centralisation of the Demand Planning Process

Upjohn prepares the detailed design and implementation of a new supply chain organisation.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:​

  • Standardise the Demand Planning process, including RASCI's, an interface description and control framework.
  • Design a training curriculum.
  • Co-create and execute the courses in close collaboration.
  • Develop a team building and behaviour change approach in which every other week another behaviour theme is highlighted and discussed in the SCS team meeting.
  • Support behaviour change by micro actions to craft the SCS Demand Planers culture and way of working.
  • Increased Process adoption of the team.

“You are one of the best vendors I have seen in my career working with supply chain consultancy firms. You delivered on time with engagement and flexibility. Especially the focus on head and heart has created a great result in both content and culture. I look forward to working with you on more projects in the years ahead.”

Evert Heusinkveld, Senior Director Supply Chain Europe/Australia/New-Zealand Viatris (Merger Mylan & Upjohn)

The situation

  • A new Upjohn Supply Chain organisation, that centralises demand planning in the Market Alliance cluster for ~20 brands in scope, will be established, in preparation of a merger.
  • The Demand forecasting and planning (or Supply Chain performance) is crucial in the overall S&OP performance, aiming for optimal product availability at acceptable costs.
  • A team of demand planners, allocated for 26 smaller markets, will be added to the existing Planning hub in Romania.
  • These new Demand Planners must be up-and-running quickly and must be able to do their work according to a uniform and meaningful process.
  • A re-evaluation of the demand planning function based on future specific activities, products and volumes is necessary.
  • Upjohn asks for support for detailing the design and implementation of the new supply chain organisation, to ensure a uniform process, clear responsibilities and responsive and efficient communication across the supply organisation.

Our approach

  • The team starts with work sessions to understand the current Demand planning process, RASCI and interfaces.
  • In follow-up work sessions we make the conceptual Demand Planning process including RASCI and interface description.
  • We test the conceptual process and other deliverables with key stakeholders and two end-users.
  • Based on the findings from the testing phase we finalise the Demand Planning process, RASCI and interface descriptions.
  • The material is input for the training curriculum and training execution for the Demand Planners.
  • In a time frame of three weeks we train the Demand Planners in their new way of working to minimise the Supply Chain performance dip and potential impact on clients and affiliates in the new organisation from day 1 onwards.
  • We execute a three month team building and development program in which we practice, play and learn new behaviours to ensure behavioural change
  • Every other week, we highlight and discusss another behaviour theme in the Demand Planner team meeting
  • We support the team meeting with 'micro actions' – practical activities to conduct in five minutes a day.

Recommendation score

When asked to what extent Upjohn would recommend us on a scale of 1-10, we score a 9.

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