Let's make industry work better. That's what industrial service providers ERIKS stands for. The specialized company serves various industrial companies across the globe. From automotive to agricultural industries, and from waste to water industries. One development that affects all industries is hydrogen power. ERIKS wants to be at the forefront of this development. How can it accelerate its H2 innovations?

Hydrogen Ambassors Network

At ERIKS, several experts across the globe are working to accelerate the innovation of H2 products. To stay ahead of the curve, the company decides to establish a ERIKS Hydrogen Ambassadors Network. The aim of this company-wide network is to learn from each other, find synergies, and seek new opportunities. The ambassadors work across the globe, from The Netherlands to Singapore. How can we give this international innovation network a flying start?

That's where Been Management Consulting comes in. In close cooperation with ERIKS' global innovation manager Onno Sminia and sustainability & innovation director Sampo von Raesfeld, we organized two-day kick-off session for the network. All Hydrogen Ambassadors came together - physically or online – at the Kiwa Hydrogen Experience Centre.

Learning together

First,  we made sure all 16 members connected with each other. Next, we learned from each others' markets. Each participant presented the opportunities, challenges and specificities of their market. What can we learn from developments in other countries? What solutions proved successful, and what not? How can we reproduce local successes globally?

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Key results

  • Kick-starting a new network of hydrogen experts
  • Staying ahead of the innovation curve for hydrogen solutions
  • Installing a global-working innovation team
  • Making progress on the energy transition

Identifying opportunities

This led to lots of new insights and ideas. Next, we helped the group identify a list of opportunities and prioritized them per area. What should we follow up on right-away? And what needs more time? At the end of the meeting, the group had an overview of concrete actions and next steps.

Postive start

In two days' time, we have laid the foundations to build a strong network of ambassadors for the long run. A network in which the ambassadors feel connected, inspired, challenged, and motivated to solve complex issues together. A network with lots of positive energy. Ready to make industry better with hydrogen!

"We couldn’t have reached the same results without the consultants of Been Management Consulting”

Onno Sminia, Innovation Manager at ERIKS

"Learn more about speeding up the energy transition?"

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