Biotechnology company ​

Installing Value Based Healthcare consulting department




This biotechnology company gains in-house expertise and capabilities to deliver VBHC solutions to their critical accounts by setting up a VBHC consulting department.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:​​

  • Develop a necessary organisational framework for the VBHC consulting department, including roles, responsibilities and governance.​
  • Develop processes to align internal and external stakeholders in delivering VBHC together.​
  • Facilitate the installation of the healthcare consulting department.
  • Develop and deliver a training curriculum to newly hired VBHC consultants for the department.​
  • Develop and deliver a change management curriculum to the VBHC consultants.​
  • Deliver a compliancy framework, partnership selection tooling and project management portfolio to the department.​

“We needed help setting up a consulting department to help us develop knowledge and understanding in the changing landscape of healthcare and shape our new role in the care delivery value chain. Been Management Consulting has been the driving force both in internally developing and instating the department and in setting up strategic multi-year partnerships with key accounts. They hired people with the right competences and have successfully transferred the department over.”


The situation

  • This biotechnology company recognises market dynamics in healthcare delivery and the need for the pharmaceutical industry to shift from being solely a provider of medicine towards contributing in a broader sense to patient wellbeing.
  • To kick off this transformation, they hire experts with experience in Value-Based Healthcare. However, this leads to increased expenses, while the knowledge and expertise are not guaranteed in-house.
  • The organisation decides that setting up an internal Value-Based Healthcare consulting department is the preferred next step. They ask Been Management Consulting to facilitate in setting up and installing this new department.

Our approach

  • The team of Been Management Consulting first creates an organisational framework, describing structure, processes, competencies and governance. In parallel, we shape and implement value solutions.
  • We speed up implementing these value solutions with partner hospitals by setting up partnership contracts with key accounts and accounts that fit the client’s strategic ambitions.
  • The team develops an onboarding program for new hires and trains new hires in required competencies.
  • Key processes with internal and external stakeholders are drafted and implemented.
  • The department is subsequently resourced with new hire internal consultants that fit the profile and handed over them.

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