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Reducing undertreatment by identifying structured barriers, system imperative and professional dilemmas that impact patient prescription​

Identify levers to improve and associate solutions to optimise the patient pathway and develop cross-functional solutions to solve barriers, imperatives and dilemmas per hospital.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:​

  • Created one generic patient-centric patient care pathway for 13 hospitals.​
  • Defined the role of 8 different health care organisations within the patient care pathway.​
  • Developed one national patient potential calculation model.​
  • Redesigned the adoption ladder from product specific to customer-centric.​
  • Mapped and rationalised 50 cross-functional solution offerings and activities on the adoption ladder.​
  • Prioritised the top 5 health care professionals per health care organisation and mapped them on the adoption ladder.​
  • Developed 4 cross-functional, multi-channel solution / activity-flows to drive progression on the adoption ladder.​
  • Developed a cross-functional hospital plan template including guidelines and instructions.​
  • Created one hospital plan, including objectives, targets, KPI.s, and cross-functional multichannel engagement flows. ​

“Been Management Consulting created structure, increased focus and enabled my team to move from activity towards result-focused customer-centric account plans. The way they engage is hard on the facts and with respect for the people. As a result, they create buy-in, get things moving and focus on sustainable embedding. It was fun working with them.”

General Manager Affiliate Austria

The situation

  • A continuous improvement culture is an opportunity to challenge the current status quo to realise the untapped potential.​
  • A lot of customer, patient insights and measures are available but a structure to identify the gaps and translate the existing data into actionable insights is missing.​
  • No comprehensive view on the number of potential patients and how to optimise diagnostics and treatment.​
  • Bottlenecks and challenges across the patient pathways on a regional level are mostly know, but there was no structural, cross functional approach to overcoming these.​
  • To drive impact and progression the current segmentation and targeting can be improved to increase progression and impact.​
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are needed to enable fact-based decision making and continuous learning within the team.​

Our approach​

  • Co-create patient pathway analyses, including the number of patients and identify improvements across the patient pathway.​
  • Co-create adoption ladder including definitions criteria and key activities to drive progress per step in line with the patient pathway identified improvements.​
  • Map hospitals on the adoption ladder and quantify the number of patients (eligible, prescribed, market share).​
  • Co-create hospital plans, including potential, targets, actionable activities, including behavioural objectives and KPIs.

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