Webinar: Customer Engagement in Pharma & Life Sciences

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“What gets measured gets done”: the old saying goes

When Pharma & Life Sciences boost their capabilities for customer engagement, a wide variety of metrics come into place to measure customer satisfaction.
From digital touchpoint measurements, message recall, the share of voice, to willingness to prescribe.
Some metrics end up focusing on the measure itself, instead of delivering insights to improve the customer experience.

As a result:

  • The customer-experience metrics do not contribute to the operationalisation of the customer-centric engagement strategy and the realisation of sustainable business impact.
  • Organisational silos do not take ownership of the customer-experience metrics and remain focused on siloed functional activity metrics.

During our Pharma & Lifesciences Inspiration Session on October 8th Been Management Consulting will share three ways to improve your customer engagement impact. On the one hand, based on theory, and the other hand, based on two compelling cases from two international guest speakers.

1. The customers of today decide how customer-centric your organisation is

This impacts the organisational design and processes from brand strategy to customer engagement execution and measurement.

Organisations must create the mechanisms to close the loop between strategy and execution.

  • To improve the brand strategy & forecasting, start with robust analytics & insights that do focus on customer experience improvements to connect dependencies between customer touchpoints and overall impact.


2. Improve the customer engagement framework


Organisations differ in customer engagement maturity as well as market size and dynamics.

  • To avoid hyper-focus on small pain points, review your customer engagement framework and adapt it to leapfrog competitors to increase customer impact.

3. Change mindsets and behaviours for sustainable results

Even the best customer engagement strategy may not be enough to change the mindset and behaviors of the organisation.

  • To overcome organisational resistance, create ownership and empowerment to realise shared customer interaction goals across all silos and levels.
  • To motivate action, drive change, and alter behaviors, integrate customer interaction goals in the weekly routines.

When you are currently working as a Business unit Director, Commercial Director, Brand Manager, Commercial Excellence Director, Leader or Sponsor at the board and MT level in Pharma & Life Sciences, and you’re interested in our inspiration session about customer engagement impact with two international speakers, please use the contact form below.

Or call Patrick Filius on +31 (0)6 57 73 37 02 or send an email to patrick.filius@beenmc.com.

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