Xpedition to the Source #8


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Your Hosts

Leen Zevenbergen

Leen Zevenbergen

Co-founder B Lab Europe and partner at Been Management Consulting

Daniel Final

Daniel Brouwer

Director Healthcare Transition at Been Management Consulting


Our guests


Jorieke Rounds

Jorieke van der Stelt

'De Duurzame Dokter', the sustainable GP

Jeoen Kemperman Rounds

Jeroen Kemperman

Strategy Director at Zilveren Kruis and author of 'Brilliant Business Models in Health and Healthcare'.

Rounds Michel van Agthoven

Michel van Agthoven

Head of Public Relations at Johnson & Johnson The Netherlands


Daphne Thijssen Rounds

Daphne Thijssen

Member Board of Directors at Sanquin and initiator of Blood for Life campaign.