Senior Consultant Energy Transition

Senior Consultant Energy Transition

Do you want to put sustainability first in your work as consultant? Be part of a company that works on a sustainable and inclusive economy - a B Corp? Do you want to develop yourself in challenging assignments in the energy transition? Then keep on reading!

We're looking of a consultant who has a minimum of 3 years working experience in performance improvement projects. Someone who wants to speed up the energy transition. Helping energy companies, but also production and other energy-intensive companies. Working in a team of intrinsically motivated consultants.


Our wish list

Someone with a Master's degree. Preferably in business, energy, sustainability, or technical subjects

Minimum of 3 years experience as a consultant in a consulting firm or as internal consultant for a big company.

You're eager to work on the energy transition, it's a plus if you already have experience.

Someone who understands performance improvement. Think of process improvement, operations management, performance management, LEAN

You know what you stand for and you're able to work with lots of different people.

Your English is immaculate. Great if your Dutch is good too - or if you're willing to learn.

You are a EU resident or in possession of a working permit for The Netherlands.

What's on offer?

Putting sustainability first in your work as a consultant - for real.

Good salary and a bonus, depending on (team)performance

A sign-on bonus that compensates your personal CO2 emissions for one year

Flexible working: at client, at our office, at home. We value a good work-life balance and efficient use of your precious time.

A personal development budget, putting your unique talents first.

Sustainable mobility

25 holidays plus 2 holidays of choice

Excellent pension scheme

Laptop and mobile phone

Working in a small and fast-paced organization that stimulates learning together, taking initiative, and volunteering.

What will you do?


Improving performance at clients

Transformation and strategy projects at clients

Project management

Working on our knowlegde and services in the energy transition

Working on your personal development

Our work

You'll be working in a team of enthusiastic and motivated consultants from various backgrounds. Everyone cares about sustainability. Together we help clients to become 'better businesses'. How?

  • We help clients formulate a (sustainable) strategy and turn it into tangible plans.
  • We help clients boost their daily operations. Always incorporating social and environmental impact. We look at performance management from a holistic perspective. Finding for positive impact for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.
  • We guide our clients' people in the transformation to a better business.

What will you be working on?

You will help energy companies, but also production companies and other energy-intensive companies. Speeding up the energy transition, together.

  • You'll implement improvements to support key players in the energy transition. Think of grid operator Enexis who needs to adjust the grid for renewable energy sources. But who also faces labor shortages. You'll help them focus and improve their performance.
  • You'll help scale up sustainable developments in the energy chain. Think of a provider of a sustainable energy product that cannot keep up with the high demand. You help them grow their operations.
  • You'll help clients to improve their daily operations, always incorporating social and environmental impact. Think of an infrastructure company that needs to maintain its buildings and infrastructure. You help them to include sustainability in their maintenance plans. This way, the company has a positive impact on the environment, employees, and the local community.
  • You'll help start new developments in the energy transition. Think about bringing round the table different players from across the energy chain. To find solutions to common problems and start a coalition for change. Or think about starting a worldwide network of hydrogen experts.

Your role and responsibilities

  • You work on performance improvement projects for clients, always taking into account environmental and social performances.
  • You head your own (part of a) project or work stream. This way, you're responsible for its results and you'll develop yourself fast.
  • Together with the project manager you shape the contents of the project and make a project planning. You'll facilitate workshops and trainings. You make sure the necessary quality and results are met. You'll also guide less experienced consultants in their development.
  • You're part of a team of consultant who work on the energy transition. Together, you share knowledge and insights and work on our company's services in the energy transition.
  • You build and maintain your own relevant network and help with preparing sales conversations and quotes.

Weekly calendar

Gijs Jan Otten Been Management Consulting

Gijs-Jan Otten

Senior Consultant

Weekly calendar senior consultant

About us

We're on a sustainable mission. Towards 100% positive impact through our projects. Because we believe companies can make an impact. Combining profits and growth with a positive contribution to society. This requires a fundamental change, though. It's what we call Systemic Change. ​We see it as an exciting expedition.

We guide companies in their transformation. Our company is also transforming. In 2021, we reached a major milestone and became a B Corp. This means we meet the highest standards on a social, sustainable and transparent level. Just like Patagonia, Tony's Chocolonely, Ben&Jerry's, Ace&Tata and other 5.000+ B Corps. Together, we build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

To complete our mission, we need a divers team. We need multiple strengths to deliver this extraordinary performance. Using different expertises, backgrounds, and personalities. What we have in common? We all look at the bigger picture. Caring about the people we work with. Caring about how we can do better and how we can help each other grow.

Head Offices Schiphol Oost

50% / 50%

Average age of consultants: 33

Number of employees: 25
Associates: 20

Core values: Connected, Creating, Courageous.

Meet your coworkers

Malou Bok square

Malou Bok

Senior Manager

Can you introduce yourself, please? 
I live in Breukelen, a town close to Amsterdam. I love to cook for friends and family. I love to ski, tennis, sail, and do yoga. Whenever I'm on the water or up a mountain, I'm totally in my element. 

What kind of team member are you? 
I want to achieve concrete goals, together as a team. I love making plans too. In my work, I can be quite serious and go for gold. My team mates know me as someone who's involved and who takes initiative. 


Niek Molenhuis

Niek Molenhuis


Why did you start working for us?

I chose Been because of its sustainable mission. In 2024, we want all our assignments to have a measurable positive impact on the UN's Sustainable Development. This resonates with me, because I think companies have an important role to fulfill in our sustainability challenges. Next to that, I love it to work on both strategy and execution. 

What's it like to work with you? 

First and foremost, I'm a real team player. Also, I like a good debate, because in sharing ideas and knowledge, we can learn from each other. I like to look at problems from multiple angles and positions.

Laura Yap square

Laura Yap


Please, tell us about your transfer from Unilever to us? 

As a consultant, you can help multiple companies and you’re in a position to influence decision makers. Much more than at when you're working for a multinational. I like the intellectual challenge too. You’re always working on a complex issues and there’s the opportunity to bring forward you ideas. I’m using my brain much more.

What's it like to work for a smaller organization? 

I now realize how much I’ve missed it. People are genuinely interested in each other, also on a personal level. I can really be myself here. People are interested in your opinions and everyone is supportive. We also do things outside work, like playing Padel.”

Any tips for others considering a similar step? 

Big companies offer so many opportunities and look great on your resume. But I’m glad I followed my heart. This suits me much more. So think for yourself. What is important to me? What do I want to learn? And dare to leave your comfort zone!

Career path

We value your personal development. That's why you'll follow development program to suit your consulting level, your personal development, and your own goals. A typical career path looks like this:

  • Consultant

  • Senior Consultant

  • Manager

  • Senior Manager

  • Director

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