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Vision of Transport & Mobility

In 2050, two out of three people will be living in an urban environment – that’s 6.5 billion people worldwide! City dwellers want to be able to travel around their urban environment comfortably, fast and safely. Businesses want to be sure that their goods arrive at their destination fast and reliably. That hasn’t changed, but the way it happens is changing.

Quality of life plays a more important role than ever. Issues to do with the accessibility of cities, energy consumption and the sustainable transport of people and goods are the order of the day. They demand action, and now!

SDGs and Transport & Mobility

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, it is our mission to help the Transport & Mobility sector in achieving a sustainable future. The dot on the horizon is an ecosystem that is accessible, affordable and sustainable for people and goods. We accelerate strategy execution and are experts in transformation.


We see 5 major challenges ahead for the Transport and Mobility sector:

  1. Client needs and role changing the world into a mixed economy

  • The number of travel movements per person is increasing, using a mix of transport modalities
  • The client wants solutions that precisely meet his or her needs at that moment (Mobility as a Service)
  • Urbanisation is making the ‘last mile’ even shorter, changing the role of the car and bicycle (micro-mobility)
  1. Clients demand sustainable solutions focusing on the quality of life

  • Sustainable solutions such as electric vehicles and biofuels are popular
  • The client is willing to pay more if it means that the quality of life improves; at the same time we see that pollution costs are not (yet) passed on to the user
  • If no sustainable solution is available, the client is open to alternatives such as planting trees to offset CO2 emissions
  1. Digitisation makes the ability to change essential

  • Supply and demand must be coordinated more quickly, flexibly and personally
  • Clients want to remain connected to each other and the supplier, such as via an app or online platform
  • Data is becoming increasingly valuable and together with an intelligent transport system, for example, a competitive advantage can be achieved
  1. Growth is limited by a shortage of capacity and a lack of efficiency

  • Rising consumer demand, fuelled by prosperity and globalisation, exposes bottlenecks in logistics and mobility processes
  • There are not enough people in the labour market for Transport & Mobility with the right competencies and experience
  • Technological developments in machines and systems are progressing fast, but it is not always easy to integrate new techniques into existing organisations
  1. For a successful transition, cooperation throughout the chain is a precondition

  • Setting up and redesigning urban infrastructure is complex and only possible in cooperation with many different stakeholders, all with their own individual perspective and interests
  • There is a growing desire to connect up the different flows of information, and the parties that provide them
  • It is still not automatic for many organisations to look beyond the confines of their own business and discover the advantages of cooperation


The changes facing the sector mean a radical change in our behaviour, technology and the market structure. Complex and extensive change processes demand a transparent and comprehensive approach.

Our approach is characterised by focusing attention on both the business and the human component of change. By head and heart. We are ready to take up this challenge, together with you.



Been Management Consulting gets and keeps organisations and people on the move. We know the sector well thanks to our many years of experience with a wide range of organisations. Our past and present clients include:


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