The story of Clinic Care Services

Serving a fast-growing part of our healthcare system

Did you know almost 15% of specialized healthcare in The Netherlands is performed by stand-alone clinics? Mostly offering routine procedures such as eye-injections, hip replacements, vasectomies. Our client, Clinic Care Services, is a hospital pharmacy for  stand-alone clinics. Founded 10 years ago, it now serves half the clinics in the Netherlands. We talk to co-founder Laurens Maussen. What’s his view on our healthcare system? What are the challenges for clinics, today and in the future?

Tell us, what does your organization do?

“Clinic Care Services offers hospital pharmacy services to stand-alone clinics. Most don’t have the size or the expertise to set up a own pharmacy on site. We employ a team of qualified pharmacists, who provide day-and-night services and professional oversight. Next to that, we supply all the medicines which are used in those clinics. Also, we take care of the supply, storage, and application of medication. This way, we offer flexible and professional pharmacy care for this group of healthcare providers.”

Can we go back about 10 years, why did you start his service?

“I am a pharmacist myself, just like my co-founders. Back then, clinics provided specialized healthcare to less than 5% of patients. We saw the potential of clinics in our strained healthcare system, though. We also noticed they had problems providing adequate pharmacy help. That’s why we founded our company.”

There are now more than 400 clinics, why do you think they are on the rise?

“Because of their focus, standalone clinics can be very efficient in providing healthcare. They also offer flexibility in our stressed healthcare system. In the COVID-crisis, clinics provided much needed continuity. Providing healthcare at a time when hospitals were overwhelmed by the influx of COVID-patients. This has earned private clinics much credit.”

Can you tell us more about the growth of your own organization?

“In the early stages, we did everything ourselves. Soon, we set up a strong team with pharmacists and supporting team. We have so many ideas on how we can serve clinics better, but never enough time and means to execute them all. That’s where Been Management Consulting comes in. We organize bi-annual strategy days with your team. We’ve been doing this since the beginning. Ha, we even call them ‘Been Sessions.”

Laurens Maussen

We’re flattered! What makes you so committed to those days?

“We want to professionalize our organization, but also keep that fast-moving mentality. During the ‘Been Sessions, we brainstorm, choose the best ideas, and turn those into actionable plans and activities. Your team acts as facilitator and guides us through our decision-making process. Next to that, you bring in your knowledge and network from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. This helps us stay flexible.”

What kind of ideas are you working on right now?

“Digitization in healthcare has been too slow. The COVID-crisis has opened everyone’s eyes for the need to use digital innovations better. We’ve already invested in a 24-hour robot that can distribute medicines to patients. Also, we’ve created a portal where clinics can place their orders. And we’re exploring more possibilities to use IT to improve workflows for clinics and patients.”

What if you look a little further, to the future of healthcare?

“The supply side will be a major challenge, for sure. The Netherlands is focused on keeping prices low. This means pharmaceutical companies prefer to deliver to other countries and keep stocks here at minimum. Did you know there are already problems with EpiPens (used in emergencies for severe allergies, ed.) ? We foresee that there will be more shortages.”

How about sustainability, does this play a role in your plans?

“Definitely. You’ve opened our eyes to consider sustainability as an opportunity for our company. We started our first CO2-footprint analysis with Climate Neutral Group. In the end, we want to help clinics to reduce their footprint too. Sustainability will be a challenge for our clients, and we’re motivated to help them any way we can.”

And on a personal level, what motivates you?

“Whenever I tell people I’m an pharmacist, I hear a lot of complains. About long waiting queues in the pharmacies, about all the paperwork, about the service. I want Clinic Care Service to be different, to provide the best possible service. For our clients and their patients.”


“What a compliment to be invited to help Clinic Care Services every year in their strategic decision-making. It’s special to have such a good and long-lasting relationship. I’m very happy we’ve inspired them to make positive impact too.”

managing partner Roel Beentjes


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