Okke Scholtes - Been Management Consulting

Okke Scholtes

HEAD – I like to focus on setting ambitious goals and achieving them with others, together. To do this, I tend to take the lead, gain people’s trust, and motivate people to reach for their personal best. I have a technical background and experience within project management and LEAN, where my focus always lies in identifying potential for improvement and then implement it.

HEART – Sports is mainly where I get my energy from. During the week I like to go to Crossfit as much as possible, and on holidays I try to master surfing or you can find me sailing off shore. Or, if the weather is nice, I have a road bike and golf set I like to use. Aside from that, I enjoy family and friends combined with good food and drinks.

SDG – SDG 7 (affordable and clean energy): We all need energy, it is the engine for all of us. It is therefore essential that we generate this sustainably as quickly as possible.