Iris Valk - Been Management Consulting

Iris Valk

HEAD – Proven experience in performance management and change management. In addition, I have broad experience in applying and teaching conversational techniques which enables to uncover the undercurrent. I’m positive this is essential for efficient, sustainable impact of (change) initiatives. To add value as a consultant, I don’t just draw on my resumé; my intuition is a strong contributor to my effectiveness, therefore I use it to achieve positive impact on organisations and enable stronger relationships.


I wear my heart upon my sleeve and thrive best in environments with core values integrity, honesty and decisiveness. You can expect me to uphold promises, and to demonstrate my sincere interest to help through disentangling complexity and providing a critical note when needed. When asked about my most cherished memories, I often think back to special encounters with people and nature on one of my many travels abroad. Also, I’m convinced I am an incognito introvert: I can spend a lot of time thinking and reflecting and love to be alone, without people thinking I’m a complete hermit since I’m very present and initiating during group activities.