Mobilize your organization.

Your mission goes above and beyond what you're used to. Your company's DNA needs to change. How do you get your people on board of this journey? And how you speed up the pace of this transformation? We help you mobilize your organization.

How do we help mobilize your organization?

Start a Better Business program

A program that takes your organization on board of your exciting expedition.

Strengthen your team

Managers and employees who support and stimulate each other.

More transformation programs

Whatever your challenge is, we guide every transformation with 'heart' and 'soul'.

Start a Better Business program

You know where you're heading. Now, it's time to get your organization on board of this journey towards a better business. How to incorporate this in your company's DNA? We'll start with the explorers, the group that leads the way and clears to road for others. Then we'll involve employees. Using a tailored program, we'll motivate them to take the next step. Together, we'll reach for the stars!


1. Explore the territory

Who are the managers that want to lead this transformation? We'll create a map for each department. What needs to be done to make this a journey a succes in the different business areas?

2. Involve all employees

The next step? We'll take all employees on board of this expedition by organizing a series of Better Business Bootcamps. We'll go through all products, services, and operations. And we'll ask ourselves the question: how does this fit in our new vision?

Be prepared for the amount of energy and ideas that's created! Together, we'll translate all this to tangible changes and start implementation rightaway.


3. Change behavior

It can be difficult to stay motivated during a long journey. We know how to motivate and stimulate a group. We'll boost morale by organizing inspiring workshops with groundbreaking companies that can act as an example. How did companies like DSM, Interface, Auping, or Danone make the transition from a traditional to sustainable and social business?

We;ll also focus on behavioral change via Micro-Actions. These are small gesture that help you take a step in the right direction everyday. Think of: a warm-sweater-day, volunteering with your team, a CO2-dashboard, meatless monday in the canteen. Every step counts.

4. Celebrate milestones

How do you know how for you are in your journey? Together, we;ll measure your financial and non-financial goals. It's what we call Holistic Performance Management. Read more here.

Don't forget to celebrate your team's Milestones. A great way to show you care, to share lessons learned and to toast to success. This way you can stimulate and motivate employees who contribute to this transformation.

Strengthen your team

This journey will not be easy and you need to be able to trust each other. It's important, therefore, to create a good team with a diverse skill set. That's what we call Leadership & Team Development. We assess the strengths of your leaders and teams, using the renowned CliftonStrengths methodology. Of course, we'll engage them in the conversation. What strong points will help them to successfully fulfill this journey?

Also, we'll help them engage in Meaningful Conversations about the new mission. What do this journey mean for you? How do you want to contribute? What are you looking forward to? This is how we create trust and team spirit for this exciting expedition.


More transformation programs

Whatever the journey, big or small, our approach is always the same. Top-down and bottom-up. Top-down, we'll create the framework together with the management team. This gives direction and sets expectations. The implementation takes place bottom-up. The employees are in charge here, they'll determine the 'how'. This way, we encourage employees to act autonomously. And to stimulate managers to take ownership for their decions. This stimulates self-learning across the organization.

Next to that, we believe in breaking down changes into smaller steps. After all, most people will not run a marathon out of the blue. You'll need to start step-by-step, growing and turning changes into new habits. This also increases the adaptability of employees for changes in the futures. This is how your organization stays fit.


Transforming with head, heart, and soul

Here at Been Management Consulting, we always use our transformation model, which starts from the company's vision. We supplement this with our intrinsic motivation to contribute to a better world, using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as our compass. In this way, together with you, we ensure sustainable change that matters.

We work with head, heart, and soul. Have an understanding of companies and understand how behavioral change works. We'll analyze the business side (organizational structure, governance, performance management, roles and responsibilities) as well as the human side (leadership, culture, behavior, learning & development).

Head Heart


Be inspired by our case stories. How did we help our clients with their transformations?


Huhtamaki wants to be a fully sustainable food packaging company. Its Fiber Technology Center plays an important part in the company’s journey. How did we support its transformation?

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Wind power at sea

Offshore contractor

This offshore contractor wants to move from the oil & gas industry to the wind industry. We helped them accelerate this transition:

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Monopiles producer

Securing potential partners for growth for a monopiles producer, looking to expand production abroad. How to create and objective process, resulting in the selection of the right partner?

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Sif offshore foundations


Introducing performance management to sustain growth at one of the largest producers of foundations for offshore wind: Sif. How can we work more efficiently and effectively, and remain the leader in this key industry?

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Cocreating a future-proof support organization. Can you support the support organization of Essent in creating an alternative design?

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Upjohn, a former division of Pfizer

Been Management Consulting helps pre-merger centralization of the demand planning processes of Upjohn, a former division of Pfizer.

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"Do you want to take your people on board of your mission towards a Better Business?"

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