Use of untapped potential


Harder, better, faster, stronger. You know, the world is changing. And your organization has to go along with it. Otherwise, you will be overtaken by time or overtaken by the competitor. You formulate a strategy to improve your processes and systems, but how do you make that concrete on the work floor? How do you improve performance sustainably?

Stop ad-hoc working, go for sustainable improvement

Customized control model

We make a transparent management model which makes sure the improvement initiatives do not disappear in a drawer.

Truly sustainable solution

We work out the initiatives together because co-creation creates ownership and enthusiasm.

Coaching behavioral change

We help create ownership to improve performance

Improving performance sustainably according to other ways of change

Getting significant results without big investments is possible according to the other ways of change. Within performance improvement, Been Management Consulting focuses on improving the performance of our clients by exploiting their untapped potential.

  • Together with involved employees, we take a critical look at the current working method
  • Together we provide insight into the performance
  • We make points for improvement manageable and implement them
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The SDG's of sustainable performance improvement

When do we speak of sustainable performance improvement? In the first place, we look beyond purely the self-interest of an organization – a performance is only really improved when the entire society benefits. The improvement must also be permanent, in other words, for the long term. Both elements require new collaborations and new business models. This requires a systemic change.

Fortunately, we can sail on a very clear compass: the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These sustainability goals are also our compass in guiding our customers.


Working method Sustainable Performance Improvement

Ownership as starting point

To implement points for improvement sustainably, it is essential to gain ownership of the changes. This already starts at the start of an improvement project, in which we map out the current working method together with the employees based on LEAN or Operational Excellence techniques.

We do not only look at the business aspects in the organization, such as processes, roles & responsibilities and the manner of management. We also look at the 'soft' side, such as leadership, attitude & behaviour and the ability to learn and collaborate.

Control as a means

Together we work towards the desired situation. In addition, we draw up an action plan to continuously monitor the changes in the organization so that we can make immediate adjustments where necessary. The management model is the means to monitor and secure performance improvement in the organization. The model consists of a series of consultations that enable the organization to control its processes. By having the right employees, at the right time, look at the progress of performance based on the correct information and by setting out (improvement) actions where necessary.


Phased approach

Every change stands on its own. That is why we adopt a phased approach, in which we gradually transfer responsibilities to the organization and train and develop knowledge and skills on the job.

We start with an analysis phase to determine the current situation and the potential for improvement. This is followed by a design phase in which we make a concrete plan of action for each of the points for improvement, which we then implement together in the implementation phase. During this last phase, our role changes gradually to enable the organization to secure the change. In this way, the change is permanent, even when our assignment is completed.

Results track behaviour and maturity

During the implementation phase, we do more than implement the desired changes in the organization. We also take an active role in coaching the responsible managers on the desired attitude and behaviour. We also coach them in the effectiveness and efficiency of their meetings. As the ownership and maturity of the changes improve, performance will follow. After the behaviour, the results improve.

These organizations also opted for sustainable performance improvement


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