Shape your strategy.


You have a dream. You want your company to be futureproof. In a way that contributes to a better world, that is. How do you turn your vision into executional plans? We help you shape your strategy.

How do we support your strategy?

Set your destination

A new vision that inspires and induces action from you and your team.

Partner up

Inspiration and support from companies with a similar ambition.

Plan your journey

A solid preparation and plan for your exciting expedition.

Set your destination

We help you and your team to define a new vision. One that inspires action and gets you and your team moving. We help you envision your dream destination with a Strategy Mapping session. What is the dot on the horizon? What do you need in order to come there?

Together we'll explore new and sustainable business models. Businesses that help create a better world. We use a Business Model Canvas that incorporates the UN's sustainable development goals. How can your company make a positive impact?

Bepaal je bestemming

Partner up

Let the experience of others inspire you journey. We organize inspirational sessions with pioneers that made the transition of a future proof business models for a better world. How did they start their transition? What challenges did they face?

You'll learn that you need partners for Systemic Change. We help you start a Dialogue with the stakeholders in your ecosystem. What problems do we face? Can we help find solutions together?

Also, we'll help you find like-minded partners to build a Coalition for Change. Working in a coalition will increase your influence, impact, and chances of success. We bring together parties that can build on each others' strengths and (refreshing) insights. From inside and outside the ecosystem you operate in. Building the critical mass needed for systemic change.

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Plan your journey

You know where you want to go with your company. It's going to be a transformational journey, that's for sure. We help you prepare for this. It can be helpful to take an assessment from a renowned certification institute. B Corp's Benefit Impact Assessments is a good example of such an assessment.

Another route is to determine together with your stakeholders which social, environmental, and governance issues are most important for your company. That's what we call a Materiality Assessment. This will help you focus during the journey.

We'll also help you develop the Business Case for this transformation. What investments are required? And how does it all add up? Next to that, we'll develop a Roadmap, breaking down your transformational journey into tangible and realistic projects. So that you'll start your journey prepared.

Lets change the system

The SDGs as our compass

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) are to make the wold a better and more sustainable place for everyone by 2030. We always use these goals in our work. By helping clients determine how they can contribute to these goals. And to help them embed sustainability in their organization and business processes. That's how we use the SDGs as our compass in our expeditions.

Find out more about the SDGs



Be inspired by our case stories. How did we help our clients shape their strategies?



A sustainability strategy fit for purpose. AAR CORP. is a global provider of aviation services. How did we help kickstart its sustainability strategy?

Case Global Law Firm

Global law firm

A global law firm wants to redefine its strategy for its Amsterdam offices. What role can sustainability play?

transdev groep

Transdev Coalition for Change

Public transport company Transdev aims to transition into 100% electrical transportation. The company ask us to bring the entire energy chain to the table to find solutions together.​ Can we start a coalition for change?


Let’s make industry work better. That’s what industrial service providers ERIKS stands for. The specialized company serves various industrial companies across the globe. How can it accelerate its H2 innovations?

Wind power at sea

Offshore contractor

This offshore contractor wants to move from the oil & gas industry to the wind industry. We helped them accelerate this transition:


Monopiles producer

Securing potential partners for growth for a monopiles producer, looking to expand production abroad. How to create and objective process, resulting in the selection of the right partner?

"Do you want to turn your vision into tangible plans?"

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