Strategy is not yet the start of implementation


It's a shame if you have sustainable, strategic goals when you can't achieve them. Or that it takes forever. The deployment of personnel and resources is expensive.

How do you translate often conceptual and vague long-term ambitions into concrete, tangible goals for the medium and short term? Think, for example, of defining goals and performance indicators and determining and managing the project portfolio.

Which organizational model fits the stated ambitions? And how do you strengthen the executive power of the organization?

Realize your goals, choose strategic control

A concrete step-by-step plan

Translate vague long-term ambitions into concrete, tangible goals.

Appropriate organizational setup.

Set up the organization in such a way that the structure matches the ambitions.

Connection strategy execution

Create coherence between the strategic agenda & objectives and the day-to-day business.

Strategic control

Accelerate strategy execution with insight into everyone's contribution to the big picture.

Think of running a marathon. You don't just do that; it requires a sophisticated preparation process. The first workout may well be a walk. It's hard to imagine how you'll ever complete the full marathon. You don't see the path in front of you, let alone the finish. Strategic control is about getting closer step by step to goals that are still far away. By making them concrete, by making them smaller and realistic.

Been Management Consulting uses a combination of proven, internationally known methods and our vision of successful change.


The SDGs in strategic control

In the greatest challenge of our generation, strategic management is indispensable. We are, of course, talking about the transition to a sustainable world. We call this transition a systemic change. That is the ultimate goal that society should strive for. Been Management Consulting helps you turn this goal into medium and short term goals.

Fortunately, we can sail on a very clear compass: the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These sustainability goals are also our compass in guiding our customers.

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Working method Strategic Control

Our approach starts with the 'WE', the employees of your organization. We work out the strategy together because co-creation creates ownership and enthusiasm.

Together we make a strategy map. This proven method of Kaplan & Norton is an extension of the well-known business balanced scorecard.

You use the strategy map to make your strategy visually attractive. This way, you bring goals, performance indicators and projects together simply and convincingly.

It is the solid start for a successful strategy.

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Be inspired by our cases. How have we supported our customers in strategic control?


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An international pharmaceutical company translates its supply chain strategy into a global logistics & distribution strategy.

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We developed the 2025 vision and the accompanying implementation plan with the customer to support the growth strategy.

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