Systemic change is needed. Now.


Many companies miss out on great opportunities. Such a loss! What are we talking about? Growth and value creation by making an impact within your organization and in society.

We are 100% convinced that your company can also make a difference on themes such as climate, health and fair trade. In doing so, you contribute to a better world and build your raison d'être for the future.

Choose to transform future-proof

Doing good is great for business

An improved vision of growth and continuity.

Greater Employee Engagement

Boost the engagement and performance of your employees.

Market lead

Improves your competitiveness, innovation power and reputation.

Transforming with head, heart and soul

Translating a business strategy into a transformation approach is the core of the transformation work that Been Management Consulting does. We do this based on our transformation model, in which the company vision and strategy are the starting point.

On this basis, together with you as a client, we analyze both the business side (organizational structure, management, performance management and roles and responsibilities) and the human side (leadership, culture and behaviour, learning and employee development).

  • We take a closer look at the business side
  • We combine that with the human side of change
  • We believe that it is the people in the organization who deliver the performance and realize the strategy

The SDG's of future-proof transformation

Businesses benefit from building a high degree of resilience, strength and power to change to respond to significant and sudden changes. This requires a systemic change. A major step that deviates greatly from the existing business and business models. To make the company survive. We call this 'future-proof transformation'. Adapting on a fundamental scale, as with systemic change, takes much courage and help from all stakeholders.

Fortunately, we can sail on a very clear compass: the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These sustainability goals are also our compass in guiding our customers.


Working method Future-proof Transformation


Transformation is basically from A to B. But how?

Our approach to actually transforming into the desired organization is tailor-made. Exactly how we get started depends on the priorities, corporate culture and the gap resulting from our analysis. At the same time, we have two fixed elements that come back time and again in our transformation approach.

Elements in which we believe: Top-down and bottom-up and breaking down into small steps.

Top-down ánd bottom-up

Firstly, our approach is always top-down and bottom-up. Top-down, we set the frameworks with the management, develop a vision and strategy, appoint responsibilities, and give direction. Employees need to know where to go, why this is the direction and what is expected from them and their team. Bottom-up, from the employees, comes the implementation of this. They determine the 'how'. Through this approach, we encourage autonomy among employees and leadership among managers. In this way, the self-learning capacity of the organization grows.

Yes we can

Breaking down into small steps

The second element that always comes back in our approach is breaking change into small steps. After all, most people don't run a marathon out of the blue either. By growing and developing purposefully and focused little by little, a change automatically becomes a new habit. At the same time, you ensure that the adaptive capacity of employees for future changes increases.

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