Laura Yap square

Laura Yap

  • Master Global Business & Sustainability at Erasmus University
  • International experience in Australia, Ecuador, and Brazil
  • Has worked at Unilever and Rabobank
  • Is now a consultant at Been Management Consulting, focusing on systemic change


HOOFD. I love finding smart and new solutions for complex problems. This how I want to contribute to a sustainable future. I enjoy tackling issues and will keep asking questions until I’ve found the root cause to a problem. It’s also very satisfying to translate a company strategy into an action plan. People often tell me I bring a lot of energy and a fresh perspective to the table.

HART. I love traveling and exploring new destinations with lots of unspoilt nature and local food. A visit to the beach and the sea always cheers me up. As well as good company, especially when there’s food and drinks involved.

SDGs. A sustainable future (in our part of the world) begins with SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production. I’m an activist when it comes to consuming less and plastic bag don’t enter my house. When you’re aware of the impact of you buying habits, you’re able to make a great difference. If companies are adapting their production processes, that is. I believe change will only happen when you act together to change the system: companies, governments, and citizens. So for me, SDG17, Partnership for the Goals, is very important.


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