Sif Offshore Foundations

Introducing performance management to sustain growth

Sif is one of the largest producers of foundations for offshore wind. Offshore wind is a fast-growing and competitive industry. The demand for offshore wind parks is high and wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger. Sif continuously adapts itself to keep up the pace: producing bigger, better, and cheaper assets. But it’s a tightrope walk for Sif

How to sustain growth?

For years, the company has grown rapidly. Now, the organization has become more complex; things happen twice or not at all. The lack of standardization hurts Sif’s productivity. It’s a typical growing pain for scale-ups. The Director of the Operations Office asks Been Management Consulting for help. Can we help get a grip on performance to sustain Sif’s growth? Of course!

Starting performance management

Together with the Operations team, we assess the maturity levels of performance management within the organization. What are the day-to-day processes, roles, and responsibilities? What is in place to monitor performance? How are improvements identified and implemented? As with any fast-growing company, performance management is in its infancy.

What is ‘good’?

In a workshop with the team, we create a picture of what a ‘good performance’ looks like. Next, we design an operating model, specifying they most important KPIs, meetings, and owners. From creating this with the team, we ensure the model also works on the shop floor. So that performance management is a benefit, not a burden.

Getting to grips

Next, we build a performance management report using Power BI. It provides a smart and automated overview to help steer performance. The production results and opportunities for improvement are  now available at any time for anyone. Everyhing is in place for Sif to get a grip on its performance.


Key results

  • Insights of production results and improvement opportunities
  • Control of production results
  • Clear results, roles and responsibilities
  • New operating model

“Best cooperation I ever had with a consulting firm. Been Management Consulting goes for the results, not the hours”

Senior Director Operations Office

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