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Setting up multi-year strategic partnerships for value-based healthcare

The healthcare sector is changing from delivering volume to delivering patient value. A leading global pharmaceutical company recognizes this industry shift and is committed to taking responsibility for delivering value beyond the medicine.

True patient value is realized by organizing care holistically and around a patient. This requires collaboration in the healthcare delivery value chain. But how does collaboration in care delivery impact the role and value proposition of the pharmaceutical company? What type of cooperation delivers most patient value? And how do care organizations go about setting up such collaborations?

Identifying shared strategic goals

First, we helped define a mission and vision for delivering value beyond the medicine by cooperating in care delivery. Second a strategic approach for engaging key account hospitals was drafted. Been facilitated value dialogues between the pharmaceutical company and key accounts to identify themes for co-creation to improve healthcare delivery. Finally multi-year strategic partnerships were established for jointly increasing patient value by optimizing care delivery and exploring future roles, responsibilities and value propositions.​

Patient-centric vision, mission and roadmap​

Several multi-year strategic partnerships with key account hospitals are established. Within these partnership multiple projects for improving patient-wellbeing and optimizing care delivery were successfully executed. Insight from these projects are paramount in further shaping the ‘beyond the medicine’ strategy of the pharmaceutical company.​

Healthcare Transition (2048 X 1367)

Key results

  • Several multi-year strategic partnerships with hospitals
  • Successful execution of projects that improve patient-wellbeing and optimize care delivery
  • Strategic contribution tot  ‘beyond the medicine’ strategy

“Been Management Consulting helped us define our role in future healthcare delivery together with accompanying value propositions. These value propositions are now being co-created with key account hospitals as part of a multi-year strategic partnerships which Been Management Consulting helped set up.” 

Business Unit Director​

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