Offshore contractor

Accelerating the transition towards wind

This offshore contractor serves both the oil & gas and the wind industry with 2,000 employees worldwide. The fossil business is declining more steeply than expected and the wind business is a different market. Good news for the planet, but a radical change for the company.

Entering a new playing field in win

The competitive wind market requires a fundamentally different approach. How can its leadership team find the courage to let go of the oil and gas mindset and to embrace the new rules of the game?

Determining 'how' together with stakeholders

We conduct pre-interviews with a broad stakeholder group within the organization to understand best practices, key challenges and personal commitments. Next, an inspiration session with external guests provides an outside-in view from the wind industry and sharing best practices from other transformations. Work sessions with key leadersfollow, setting priorities in how to win in offshore wind. The outcome: a solid transformation plan.

All set up to win in wind

Together, we clarified what the steps are to successfully transform the business and to win in wind. We made interventions in roles & responsibilities within the leadership team. We helped take bold decisions and key strategic choices to accelerate the wind business and thus the energy transition.

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Key results

  • New roles & responsibility in leadership team
  • Key strategic choices made
  • All set up to win in wind

“After the intervention, it was clear that we need to work on our strategy, make strategic choices and develop our team”

- Chief Executive Officer

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