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Sourcing potential partners for growth

Offshore wind has evolved from a European to a global business with strong growth foreseen in Asia and the US. Great news for the energy transition, and for monopiles producers. One producer wants to expand its production abroad and is looking for a local partner to build and operate its production facility.

Looking for a production partner abroad

Selecting a partner abroad is a very sensitive process and comes with high risk and high lock-in effects. How to create a transparent and objective process resulting in the selection of the right partner?

Developing an objective selection process

The new culture overseas makes stakeholder management a top priority. In several workshops with a local partner, we design the selection process and the most important selection criteria. An agile approach help to cope with the short lead-time, whilst assuring deadlines. We draft a Request for Information, containing detailed questions, which helps compare candidates on an equal basis. We organize Q&A sessions with candidates as well as weighing and scoring workshops. Also, we ensure a fair closure of the process, so all potential partners remain open to future collaborations.

The right partner to win abroad

Together, we created a transparent and objective selection process, resulting in a fair and comprehensive comparison of candidates. We offered a final partnership advice, whilst maintaining good relationships with all candidates.

wind energy

Key results

  • Fair and comprehensive comparison of candidates
  • Advice on the final partnership
  • Good closure and relationships with all candidates

“Been Management Consulting was on top of the project, with a structured approach and responsible for the mutual result.”

Chief Commercial Officer

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