Co-creating a future-proof Support Organization


Co-creating a future-proof support organization

Energy supplier Essent developed a new organizational design to better serve its clients in the energy transition. Following the advice of the Works Council, the Essent Board decided to add an additional design step: to ask representative employees to create organizational design scenarios. Which experienced and sensitive consultant can support us on a very short notice? We know the answer!

Supporting the Support Organization

Using our hands-on ‘head and heart’ approach we develop a three-week pressure cooker program. Thirteen representative employees participate. The first workshop, we determine the vision of success and identify natural clusters, creating two alternative scenarios for the organizational design from evaluating pros and cons. Homework and almost daily alignment follow. The second workshop we agree on the preferred scenario and define how to make it work. Next, we draft our advice for the Board, in co-creation with the internal project lead.

Future-proof design supported by employees

The result? A solid organizational design of the support organization. Everything ready for Essent’s Board to decide on the best alternative, based on a common vision of the future organization. The pressure cooker set-up resulted in team spirit, with much fun and pride in creating the alternative scenario. A positive impact indeed!

Key results

  • Solid organizational design for the support organization
  • The best alternative for Essent's Board of Directors
  • Alternative design fully supported by the organization

A 10 out of 10. A short but powerful collaboration! Been Management Consulting was able to grasp our situation in no time. They delivered a thorough program and pleasant facilitation of various workshops all within extreme tight deadlines.”

Essent's Project Lead

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