A national Lean performance improvement program

Sanquin sets up and rolls out a national performance improvement program that enables local teams to independently identify and implement operational improvements.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and client:

  • Giving the organization tools to independently implement the Lean philosophy and improve continuously
  • Training fifty employees to become Yellow Belts and eighteen employees Green Belts, four of whom become in company trainers giving the in-company Yellow Belt training to their colleague employees (~ 900)
  • Implement eight improvement projects together with the local teams. Green Belts independently carry out several projects that year.
  • Guiding and coaching nationwide 74 local teams on the implementation of daily stand-ups, in which structural performance and operational improvements are discussed.
  • Laying the foundation for a project and improvement approach that reasons from the customer's wishes and focuses on eliminating waste.

“Project FLOW has contributed to the improvements necessary to be able to do less and achieve as much or sometimes even more!”

Blood Production Unit Director

The situation

  • Sanquin has the ambition to become the best blood bank in the world.
  • The company wants an optimal balance between satisfaction and safety for the donor, the patient and the employee.
  • The blood bank is looking for a way of working in which employees always put customer demand first and at the same time influencing and deciding on the way in which they do their work.
  • Sanquin is active nationwide and has locations and teams throughout the country.
  • Employees generally work for the company for a long time.

The approach

  • Together with Sanquin we develop a phased performance improvement program based on customer requirements.
  • The basis for the performance improvement program is Lean - a methodology that enables employees to put both the customer and their own work processes central when implementing improvements.
  • The approach of the improvement program at a glance:
  1. We train a first group of employees to become Green Belts (project managers) and Yellow Belts (project employees). Together we carry out eight improvement projects in accordance with the Lean methodology.
  2. At the same time, we are developing an in-company Lean Yellow Belt training so that all employees of the blood bank speak ‘the same language’.
  3. Based on the in-company Lean training, we train four Green Belts to become Lean trainers (train-the-trainer), who in turn train the entire organization to become a Yellow Belt.
  4. At the end we roll out a practical ‘Lean in the Workplace Program in phases at the various locations in the country’, coaching teams and team leaders to organize daily stand-ups to discuss performance and improvements.

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