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Adopting B Corp standards​

An international retailer wants to be a frontrunner in sustainability. It already improved on many sustainable topics. Its Dutch organization is interested in adopting the B Corp standards and methods. Can Been Management Consulting, as B Corp Way Partner, help?

Continuous improvement according to B standards

This retailer wants to be a frontrunner in sustainability. Over the last years it already improved on many sustainable topics. After being inspired about the B Community, the Dutch organization formulated the ambition to use the B Corp standards and methods to assess the current level of social and environmental performance according to the B standards. And to design a roadmap for continuous improvement accordingly. As B Corp Way Partner, we were asked for help.

Interviews, B Impact Assessment, Workshops

First, we onboarded client in the B standards. What does this holistic approach entail? We organized interviews with key employees,  analyzed publicly available materials and compliancy with B standards.

In phase 2, we completed the B Impact Assessment to identify the current level of ESG performance. Looking at sustainability in the broadest sense: Environment, Employees, Clients, Community, and Governance.

We involved colleagues of different departments and disciplines to answer questions on operational impact and the company's business model. Together with the client, we developed a detailed improvement plan. Along the way, we facilitated outside-in inspiration and workshops for the leadership team.

International Retailer

Key results

  • Understanding of what B Corp standards entail
  • Insights into the company's current performance against the standards
  • Adopting B Corp standards as framework for continuous improvement on sustainability
  • Roadmap, action plan, and investment plan for recommended improvements

Quick Scan and Continuous Improvement Plan

We delivered a Quick Scan with key strengths, key opportunities for improvement plus an assessment of compliancy items. In phase 2, we completed the B Impact Assessment. We delivered a detailed improvement plan for continuous improvement. This includes a roadmap, action plans for each board member and colleague. Plus an investment overview for the first sustainable improvements we recommended.

“Been provided fantastic support in our journey. We really experienced the ‘bicycle model’, where you have transferred knowledge and skills. We received valuable input to continuously improve towards a more sustainable business.”   Director HR & Organizational Development

"More about adopting B Corp standards?"

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