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What's your perspective?

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world through your work?

We're on a sustainable mission. Towards 100% positive impact through our projects. Because we believe companies can make an impact. Combining profits and growth with a positive contribution to society. This requires a fundamental change, though. It's what we call Systemic Change. ​We see it as an exciting expedition.

We guide companies in their transformation. Our company is also transforming. In 2021, we reached a major milestone and became a B Corp. This means we meet the highest standards on a social, sustainable and transparent level. Just like Patagonia, Tony's Chocolonely, Ben&Jerry's, Ace&Tate and other 5.000+ B Corps. Together, we build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

To complete our mission, we need a divers team. We need multiple strengths to deliver this extraordinary performance. Using different expertises, backgrounds, and personalities. What we have in common? Caring about the people we work with. Caring about how we can do better and how we can help each other grow. We all look at the bigger picture.

What's your perspective?

Our vacancies

We're looking for talented people. Do you see a match with one of our job openings? Do get in touch!


Do you have at least two years of experience as a management consultant? And are you looking for a new challenge within a consultancy? Then apply and contribute to a more sustainable world based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Something else?

What if you have consulting experience, but are looking for something else? You can contact our HR Manager Tosca Spee. She's happy to explore other options and see if there's a match. Send your resume and (short) motivation to

Change management - Roderick Oe - Been Management Consulting

Senior Consultant (& Manager)

Do you have at least three years of experience as a management consultant? And do you have project experience in the energy,  healthcare, or pharmaceutical sector? Find out how you can make a sustainable impact in our team.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To complete our mission, we need a diverse team. With different expertises, backgrounds, and personalities. We're happy to share our vision in our commitment.

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Meet your coworkers

Do you believe companies have the power to make a positive contribution to society? Are you eager to contribute to a better and more inclusive economy? 

Do you want to learn, help, and celebrate successes together with your coworkers? Our diverse team of consultants have various backgrounds and personalities. What we share, are our core values. Valuing entrepreneurship, sustainability, competence, drive and being involved with our clients and our coworkers.

Roderick Oe

"Sustainability is also about living together sustainably. We need to work on creating inclusive economies, communities and organizations."

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Malou Bok

"Quality education enables people to make a positive contribution to the SDGs."

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Laura Yap

"I believe change will only happen when you act together to change the system: companies, governments, and citizens."

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Some projects you'll be working on

We work with ambitious organizations that want to make a positive impact. Looking beyond profit and growth. Taking care of the people in the company, the community, and the planet. Some examples:


Cocreating a future-proof support organization. Can you support the support organization of Essent in creating an alternative design?

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AEGIR-Marine already takes social and environmental performance serious. How can we really integrate this at the heart of our organization?

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Össur is an international company for non-invasive orthopedic products. The company is growing fast and the Finance department needs to adapt. But how?

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our commitment 

We’re on a mission. On our way to building future-proof businesses and a better world. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as our compass. As a certified B Corp, we believe companies can be a force for good, helping the planet and its people thrive. This requires a fundamental change, though. A systemic change.

We believe diverse and inclusive teams are critical in achieving this mission. Providing different perspectives. Stimulating new ways of thinking and in doing. That’s why we’re committed to creating inclusive workplaces where everyone, regardless of who you are, can develop and grow.

This requires us to change as a company too. We strive to constantly learn, understand, and celebrate each other’s differences. Constantly reflecting on our own journey. Uncovering and understanding unfamiliar paths. 

Tosca Spee - Been Management Consulting

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Get in touch with our HR Manager Tosca Spee via 06- 506 40 401 or send an email to