Healthcare Transition

Let's change the healthcare system.



The healthcare system is seriously strained. A change is needed to guarantee and accessible and affordable healthcare system. We need a systemic change, putting value for patient and planet first. We help organizations to realize the right care at the right place for the right patient.

Let's create a future-proof healthcare system

Value for patients

A healthcare system that focuses on more value for patients.

Ahead of the competition

Improve your competitiveness, innovation power, and reputation.

Positive impact

Make a positive impact for all your stakeholders, both inside and outside your organization.

How can we help?

We help leaders implement patient-centric, effective and future-proof organizations, processes, skills and behavior. We focus on three areas of expertise: Value Based Healthcare (VBHC), Customer Engagement, and Supply Chain Excellence.

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Value Based Healthcare

The aim is to reach better health outcomes against lower costs. This requires a new way of thinking. From paying per procedure (quantity) to paying per outcome (quality). This entails steering on standardised indicators, monitoring, benchmarking, improving, and learning. In short, completing the full PDCA-cycle. Optimizing healthcare processes. Also, we look for the right care at the right place: inside the hospital and outside, for instance at home.

How we can help:

  • Improve healthcare for patients, for instance by defining outcome-sets, implementing them, and optimizing healthcare routes.
  • Develop and implement patient-centric solutions.
  • Move care from hospitals to homes, including a business case and business rationale.
  • Facilitate cooperation and dialogues about financing outcome-based healthcare between parties in the healthcare system.
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Customer Engagement

The pharmaceutical industry has difficulties reaching doctors face-to-face. Current engagement strategies, such as seminars and visits, no longer suffice. Doctors are more sceptical and ask for tailored - non-commercial - content. Providing the right content via the right channel it becoming more important.

Improving commercial processes for customers and patients, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing- and sales activities within a brand portfolio. Pharmaceutical companies must transform to organizations that put the customer and patient first, in order to be successful.

How we can help:

  • Installing a multidisciplinary commercial organization that puts customer and patient first.
  • Developing and implementing a (digital and omnichannel) engagement strategy
  • Translating strategy to tangible operational and brand activation plans, increasing the brand's relevance.
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Supply Chain Excellence

An important aspect of the healthcare system is to ensure a stable supply of therapies to all patients. This is a major challenge. Supply Chain organizations in the sector face new geographical market areas, more individually tailored therapies, stricter rules and reguatlon, on top of a higher turnover of new products and therapies.

How we can help:

  • Design and install a 'responsive supply chain', designed to face the above-mentioned challenges.
  • Making logistical processes more efficient, for instance by implementing a integral planning (S&OP) and more effective cooperation with clients and other partner in the supply chain.
  • Developing a patient-centric supply chain.

The SDG's for the healthcare transition

Our dot at the horizon is affordable, reliable and sustainable healthcare for everyone. We see all parties involved as part of a system. We want to bring these parties together. To search for ways to improve the value of healthcare. That goes beyond costs and revenues alone.

We're guided by a clear compass: the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. This what guides our mission to help realize a sustainable and healthy future.



Our experts are happy to share their insights in our blogs, webinars, reports, and podcasts.


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Case stories

Let the stories of other inspire you. How did we help other in their healthcare transition?

Pharmaceutical company and hospitals

A leading global pharmaceutical company is committed to taking responsibility for delivering value beyond the medicine.​ This requires collaboration in the healthcare delivery value chain. Been Management Consulting helped set up multiple value-based healthcare partnerships with hospitals.

Hospital and Biotech company

A dialysis hospital (multiple clinics) and a biotech company work together to deliver patient value in dialysis care. Been Management Consulting was asked to support this.​

Green Deal Duurzame Zorg

Pharmaceutical Company

A leading global pharmaceutical company and one of their key account hospitals have joined forces in improving patient care. How can we optimize care delivery to improve patient well-being and reduce costs?

Hospital and Pharmaceutical Company

A leading global pharmaceutical company and one of their key account hospitals have joined forces in improving patient care. How can we optimize care delivery to improve patient well-being and reduce costs?

Healthcare transition

Biotech company

A global biotech company was confronted with strong decline in customer engagement. Been Management Consulting helped transform into more customer centric and agile organization.

Health Transition

Biotech company

A leading biotech company wants to understand customer needs and to be able to address these via the right channel in an efficient and superior way. How can account-based marketing support its sales team?

Organizations we helped in their healthcare transition:

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