Systemic Change


If you're looking for a future-proof business for a better world, you must look further. Beyond your own interests. Beyond your own organization. You must look at your the ecosystem you operate in.

If we want to to realize systemic change, we'll need to work together in our ecosystem. We need each other to learn from and with each other. Each has its own expertise, own experience and own part. Together we'll experiment, realize breakthroughs and explore new paths.

Let's start doing and learning together.


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How we support you

Big or small, formal or informal, exploring of executing. There are many ways to work together on Systemic Change. Been Management Consulting can support you:

  • We'll map your ecosystem, exploring all the stakeholders involved. From consumer to producer and from citizens to industry organizations.
  • We'll start a dialogue within your value chain. Who else wants to move in the right direction? Can you work together, creating a so-called coalition of the willing?
  • We'll introduce you to leaders and exerts from organizations that have paved the way. Which inspiring pioneers can you and your people learn from? Is there a relevant project or initiative that you can join?
  • We'll help you engage in a formal cooperation, e.g. a joint venture, a consortium. We'll help build mutual trust and make solid arrangements. Also, we'll set up a (common) project organization that supports you in attaining your goals.

Our own ecosystem

We cannot do it alone. That's for sure. This rings true for us as much as anyone. That's why we work in partnerships within our own ecosystem. We're happy to introduce you to our partners.

More about Systemic Change

Be inspired about our stories about Systemic Change.

Jeroen Janssen OLVG

OLVG’s story

Our healthcare system is under pressure. The gastroenterological clinic of Amsterdam’s city hospital OLVG is no exception. There’s simply too much work for too little people. To reduce the workload for its specialized nurses, the hospital’s gastroenterologists want to set up a digital clinic for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.…

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B Corp Been Management Consulting

HURRAY! 1 year B Corp

Time flies … one year ago we received our B Corp certification! Becoming part of a global movement of companies that use business as a force for good. Joining 6,000+ companies, including Patagonia, Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry’s, The Guardian and many more.  A major milestone in our sustainable mission. Where…

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The ups-and-downs of the sustainability movement

Last week, an article in renowned newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad caused a stir in the B Corp movement, a community of 5.000+ companies that use business as a force for good. It discussed the increased popularity of the B Corp certification and the danger of ‘greenwashing’. Should multinational companies such…

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Monthly event: Xpedition to the source

We organize a monthly, one-hour round table meeting of global leaders, exchanging their views on a strategic theme. We call this sequel ‘Xpedition to the Source’. The Purpose This world is rapidly changing, and many industries require a systemic change. Systemic change is both necessary and risky, therefore in need…

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Learn from the experiences of others. How did we support our clients in their systemic change?

Pharmaceutical company and hospitals

A leading global pharmaceutical company is committed to taking responsibility for delivering value beyond the medicine.​ This requires collaboration in the healthcare delivery value chain. Been Management Consulting helped set up multiple value-based healthcare partnerships with hospitals.

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Hospital and Biotech company

A dialysis hospital (multiple clinics) and a biotech company work together to deliver patient value in dialysis care. Been Management Consulting was asked to support this.​

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Hospital and Pharmaceutical Company

A leading global pharmaceutical company and one of their key account hospitals have joined forces in improving patient care. How can we optimize care delivery to improve patient well-being and reduce costs?

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AEGIR-Marine already takes social and environmental performance serious. How can we really integrate this at the heart of our organization?

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NAM CVW Been Management Consulting


Improving collaboration in cross-functional teams.

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"Do you want to explore opportunities for systemic change?"

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