Food Transition

Towards a healthy and sustainable food system.


Our food system needs to change. Our food production and food habits are unsustainable. We need a systemic change. Towards an integrated food production system in which less food is lost, natural resources are conserved, and soil ecology and biodiversity are strengthened. Let's make our food system sustainable and healthy.

Choose a future-proof food system

Consumer value

A food system that enables consumer to choose sustainable and healthy foods.

Ahead of the market

Improve your competitive edge, innovation power, and image.

Positive impact

Make a positive impact for all stakeholders, inside and outside your organization.

How do we support you?

We support food producers, retailers and other companies in the food chain in their transition. Helping them create a future-proof business and a better world.



You have a dream. You want your company to be future-proof. In a way that contributes to a better world, that is. How do you turn your vision into executional plans? We help you shape your strategy.

How do we support your strategy?

  1. Set your destination. A new vision that inspires and induces action from you and your team.
  2. Partner up. Inspiration and support from companies with a similar ambition.
  3. Plan your journey. A solid preparation and plan for your exciting expedition.

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You want to bring your team's performance to new heights. Because you're facing a challenge unlike any before. What needs to be in place to deliver this performance? How do you measure success? We look beyond financial results and help you with a new perspective on performance improvement.

How do we help boost performance?

  • Structure your organization. We design the organization, processes, and governance that support your ambition.
  • Improve your performance. We help you decide a new definition of 'success' and make sure you can keep track.
  • Train your organization. We help your organization to improve itself.

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Your journey goes further and deeper than you are used to. The DNA of your company needs to change. But how do you get people to join you on this exciting expedition? And how do you accelerate the pace of this transformation? We help mobilize your organization.

How do we help mobilize your organization?

  • Start a Better Business program. A program to take your organization on your challenging expedition.
  • Strengthen your team. Leaders and teams that bring out the best in each other.
  • More transformation programs. Whatever your challenge, we guide every transformation with 'head' and 'heart'.

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The SDG's for the food transition

Our dot at the horizon is a sustainable and healthy food system for everyone. We see all parties involved as part of a system. We want to bring these parties together. To search for ways to improve our food system. That goes beyond costs and revenues alone.

We're guided by a clear compass: the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. This what guides our mission to help realize a sustainable and healthy future.



If we want to speed up the food transition, we need to learn from each other. Our consultants are happy to share their insights.

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Get inspired by our cases. How have we supported our clients in their transition?


Huhtamaki wants to be a fully sustainable food packaging company. Its Fiber Technology Center plays an important part in the company’s journey. How did we support its transformation?

Organizations within which our team worked on the food transition:

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