Vision on Energy

Of all the challenges human beings are facing in the 21st century, a sustainable energy supply is one of the biggest. The biggest, in fact.

The most important goal of the Climate Agreement is to reduce CO2 emissions by 49 per cent in 2030 compared to 1990 levels. In 2050, emissions of greenhouse gases in the Netherlands must have been reduced by 95 per cent. That may seem a long way off, but in order to achieve our climate goals it is important for us to transform our energy supply now. And faster than we have ever done before.

It’s time to accelerate the energy transition.

SDGs and Energy

Our dot on the horizon is a decentralised energy production network with collaborating parties supplying affordable, reliable, and renewable energy to all. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, it is our mission to help the energy sector achieve this future: we accelerate strategy execution and are experts in transformation.


Been Management Consulting works with ambitious clients from the energy sector to accelerate the energy transition. We support leaders in analysing, designing, and implementing solutions for the six crucial challenges to making progress in the energy transition. With our ‘Head and Heart’ approach we know how to accelerate the strategy to execution, with an impact on people, processes and technology and their behaviour.

We see 6 important challenges for the Energy sector:


1. Enforced transformation of the value proposition

A growing awareness among clients requires businesses to change. From linear to circular and from centralised to decentralised. To do that, existing energy firms will have to rethink their value propositions, renew them, and make them more agile.

Where we can help

  • Recalibrating the business plan
  • Translating strategy into concrete (tangible) operational plans

2. Lack of technological knowledge and implementing capacity

The increasing amount of work within the energy sector involving more complex technology needs more and differently trained personnel. And there are too few of these people at present, which is holding many companies back.

How we can help

  • Improving performance – analysis and solutions on the workfloor
  • Setting up an agile organisation

3. Changing client needs and role

With its own solar panels, the client’s role extends beyond that of consumer to that of producer and supplier. The client therefore demands an integrated energy solution, where he can use more and faster real-time insight into data to monitor his own personal situation. To provide the client with ongoing support, the necessary changes to products and service need to be made too.

How we can help

  • Designing and setting up a responsive supply chain. In other words: a logistics chain that is designed to meet these challenges
  • Setting up multidisciplinary commercial organisations, with the consumer at their heart

4. Rapid market and technological developments

New legislation on subsidies and suchlike, competition, technological developments, and changes in the market are happening fast and it is up to businesses to keep up to date and take note of the latest news. A good strategy for responding properly and limiting uncertainty and risks demands flexibility and agility.

How we can help:

  • Setting up an agile management process to deal flexibly with changes in the market and keep control

5. Strong interdependence in the energy chain

The growing interdependence of links and players only increases the complexity of the energy chain. Cooperation and a good overall organisation within the energy chain, from generator to end user, is more important than ever.

How we can help:

  • Making logistics processes more efficient, such as by integrated planning (S&OP) and more effective cooperation with clients and other partners in the chain

6. High investments and uncertain returns

Capital-intensive investments in infrastructure and technology are needed to generate solar and wind power and hydroelectricity. The same applies to the storage of renewable energy. At the same time we are confronted with energy prices that are difficult to predict, putting pressure on earnings models and market prices.

How we can help:

  • Setting up data infrastructure and using data effectively for meaningful analyses and meaningful improvement campaigns

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