The Energy Transition.

100 % renewable energy. 



A 100% sustainable energy supply. Perhaps the number 1 challenge of the century. Because we will only succeed in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases if we make our energy supply sustainable. If we want to achieve international and national climate targets, we will have to get moving. How do we tackle this together?


The 5 challenges of the energy transition

Your livelihood is under pressure

Customers understand their impact. Their energy demand is changing too. From linear to circular and from centralized to decentralized. How do you respond to this changing demand? How can you renew your supply and make it more flexible? And fast.

You need new technological skills

The energy transition requires knowledge of new technologies. It requires more staff with the right skills. And that is exactly what is scarce. How do you become an attractive employer (again)? How will being a purpose-driven organization help you achieve that?

Energy supply chain even more complex

There has always been a great deal of dependence between all nodes and players in the energy supply chain. Now, there is a new player in town: the customer. With solar panels and wind turbines your customer is also a producer. How can improve the cooperation between all these players - from producer to end user? How can you create a responsive supply chain?

Developments are happening fast

The energy market is changing rapidly. Legislation is changing. New competitors are emerging. Technological developments are happening fast. How do you deal with these new uncertainties and risks? How do you become flexible and agile?

Energie Transitie Been Management Consulting (940 x 780 px)


The returns on your investments are uncertain

Investments are needed to generate and store energy from the sun, water and wind. Capital-intensive investments in infrastructure and technology. But: the energy price is unpredictable. This puts pressure on profitability models. How can you reduce costs and increase output? How do you get meaningful analyses and smart asset management?



Taking action on the energy transition. It can be done.

Lead the way

Increase your competitiveness and be a leader in the transition. It pays off.

A future-proof business model

A future-proof business model: keep a grip on your market position. Build a future-proof business model.

Make impact

Contribute to a positive impact. Because doing good is great for business.

Where are you in the transition?

Your business model is threatened with extinction

Does this sound familiar? There is a lot of public discussion about your sector and your company. All your 'green' initiatives are seen as greenwashing. Finding qualified personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. The pride you once had is slowly fading away. Moreover, your market is shrinking in the medium term, In fact, your turnover is already declining. What's going to be your unique market position?

Start by choosing the right strategy. This also includes choosing what you are not going to do (anymore). We use scenario planning to determine the strategy and involve the right internal and external stakeholders. We then translate the strategy into a concrete roadmap for the coming years and months. Setting clear goals is key.

How sustainable is your company and where do you want to go? We measure this with a Business Impact Assessment (BIA). We start with a baseline measurement and make visible what the improvement potential is.

Are you ready to execute the strategy? We help you to choose the right projects, make the right investment decisions in line with the strategy and select the right partners. What will you do yourself and what will you outsource? We'll help you with that too.

Is the strategic governance in order? We also help you to translate the strategy into the right governance, set up an appropriate remuneration structure and measurement systems. This certainly includes monitoring environmental, social and economic impact.

You're part of sustainable energy supply, but can't keep up with demand

Do you recognize this? You are experiencing fierce competition and pressure on costs, whilst growing very fast too. It's a sign that your market is maturing. In the meanwhile, finding and keeping good people is hard. You're spending most of your time addressing problems. Here. Now.  But you need to focus on the long term too. Your company is essential in the energy transition. Can you cope on your own? Or can you achieve more with partners?

We'll start with your day-to-day operations. Sustainable performance management and smart asset management. This brings structure and gives the organization some space. Space to look further ahead and work on the energy transition.

Next, focus on becoming a more attractive employer by better communicating your purpose. What is your strategy? Do your  employees and candidates know what you stand for? We help you define and communicate that all-important dot on the horizon.

Also, we bring in the Business Impact Assessment (BIA). How sustainable is your company now and where do you want to be? We'll show the potential for improvement on social, economic, and environmental impact. The outcome is a step-by-step plan for to becoming more sustainable. This also provides a good starting point when exploring opportunities with partners in the value chain. How about aspiring a B Corp status, adhering to the highest environmental and social standards?

You're working on a project in the heart of the energy transition

Can you identify with this? Your project is right at the heart of the energy transition. You're project is making a positive impact. But you're also aware that the energy transition is a systemic change. We have to do it together and all parties involved have to stay on board. How do you ensure fruitful cooperation?

We help you to determine the shared value of your project and its organization. We'll help you find the right partners. Next, we help to get everyone on the same page. Because everyone has different interests. Together, we determine your common ground as well as your desired destination. We'll make sure you reach your common goals. It's our day-to-day work as project and program managers.

Case stories

Let the stories of others inspire you. How did we help others in their transition?

Centrum Veilig Wonen

Centrum Veilig Wonen (CVW) is initiated as an independent platform to streamline the activities and cooperation between all stakeholders to solve the problems around the drilling issues for residents. How to create mutual trust and understanding?

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Wind power at sea

Offshore contractor

This offshore contractor wants to move from the oil & gas industry to the wind industry. We helped them accelerate this transition:

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Monopiles producer

Securing potential partners for growth for a monopiles producer, looking to expand production abroad. How to create and objective process, resulting in the selection of the right partner?

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Monopiles producer

Securing potential partners for growth for a monopiles producer, looking to expand production abroad. Read the story:

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Sif offshore foundations


Introducing performance management to sustain growth at one of the largest producers of foundations for offshore wind: Sif. How can we work more efficiently and effectively, and remain the leader in this key industry?

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Cocreating a future-proof support organization. Can you support the support organization of Essent in creating an alternative design?

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We work on the energy transition with these organizations:

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