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Our management consultants realise that strategy isn't necessarily where implementation starts.  They know that analysis and structure are basic requirements in consultancy, but that a people-oriented approach is also essential to guide the client.  Our consultants are not distant, but involved and at the heart of the organisation, using ownership and entrepreneurship.

Spending less time looking at numbers, and more time planning ahead.

Marine Clement - Been Management Consulting

Marine Clément

'Prototypes make progress.'

Malou Bok - Been Management Consulting

Malou Bok

'Together works better, let's make it happen!'

Okke Scholtes - Been Management Consulting

Okke Scholtes

'You can't change the wind, but you can change the position of the sails.'

Laurent-Jan van der Westen - Been Management Consulting

Laurent-Jan van der Westen

‘I don’t care how much you know, until I know how much you care.'

Frank Beentjes

'Working on a goal together in an organisation where each other’s strengths are used and there’s equality.'

Nina Jongkind - Been Management Consulting

Nina Jongkind

‘Work hard, have fun and make a difference!’

Mariska Schooneveld - Been Management Consulting

Mariska Schooneveld

‘Follow your heart to never skip a beat! Your head will help you achieve your heart's wishes.'

Patrick Filius - Been Management Consulting

Patrick Filius

‘Don’t judge your day by the harvest you reap but the seeds you plant,' - Robert Louis Stevenson'

Ralph Lodder

‘No-nonsense' en hands-on, met een passie om samen met de betrokkenen het onbenut potentieel te realiseren.’

Roel Beentjes - Been Management Consulting

Roel Beentjes

‘Good to Great.’

Bas te Wierik - Been Management Consulting

Bas te Wierik

'Let’s stick to the plan to go with the flow.'

Iris Valk - Been Management Consulting

Iris Valk

‘Dream, dare, do!’

Glen Schrijvers

‘Progress, not Perfection.'

Roderick Oe - Been Management Consulting

Roderick Oe

‘Continuously looking for improvement by setting goals and pushing boundaries.'

Iris Bruinink- Been Management Consulting

Iris Bruinink

'Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm gets the ball rolling.'

Hinkelien Schreuder

‘Do as you say and be who you are.'

Consultancy - Been Management Consulting - Keswin Corporaal

Keswin Corporaal

'Perpetuum mobile - voortdurend bewegend; met energie mensen enthousiasmeren en impact maken. En daar dan weer energie van krijgen.'

Tosca Spee

'Work hard, stay humble, be kind.'

Marieke Siero - Been Management Consulting

Marieke Siero

'Enjoy today, repeat tomorrow!!'

Ernest van Klaarbergen

'Either we find a way, or we create one.'

Rudolf Liefers

‘Aim high, then deliver! Ensuring top quality in the advisory process (and end result) with the customer's best interests in mind.'

Edwin Dissel

'Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.'

Eimert-Jan Slob

‘Everything should be made as easy as possible, but not any simpler.'

Nienke Budde

‘Teamwork is the secret that make common people achieve uncommon result.' - Ifeanyi Enoch

Herman van Dam

‘Organise and deliver!’

Klaas de Groot

'Stop persisting to retrieve and start perceiving to receive.'

Edgar Korteweg

‘The art is in making something uncertain, which seemed to be obvious.’

Jos Frusch

‘Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams' Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ronald Middelkamp

'Listen carefully first, then stay driven and result-oriented all the way to the goal!'

Julien Barbier

'Together we go for 110%.'

Jeroen Breeschoten

'Results that really stick.'

Beatrice Friebel

1. There is always a solution 2. We either do it well or not at all 3. No is not an option

Danny Groeneveld

‘Do the right things and do them right, keep looking for improvement.’

Hindrie Mosselaar

‘Together we can make the most out of your ERP System.'

Brian de Leeuw

'Shoot for the moon even if you miss you will land among the stars.'

Marcel van Wijk

‘You always take yourself with you, so make room for that.’

Alex Bos

'Benefits gained without virtue are like fleeting clouds to me.' - Confucius

Robert Swinkels

‘A shared goal gives you wings!’

Tim van Rees

"Sustainable improvements in logistic chains!'

Monique de Boer

‘From strategy to realisation.'

Paul Brantz

'Energy and fun make all the difference!'

Hugo van Rijn

‘Focus and perseverance are the key to any success.’

Raymond de Groot

'Keep it simple, stupid!'

Marcel de Groot

'Target your change, only do what is necessary to achieve results.'

Jeroen Graafland

"Life is good….If you take it!"

Working at BEEN MC

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