Pharmaceutical company

An in-house consultancy department

leading global pharmaceutical company has the ambition to contribute to delivering patient value through co-creation with key-accounts. It has clear ambitions in shifting its focus from solely being a provider of medicine towards contributing to patient wellbeing in a broader sense. The organization decided that setting up an internal consulting department was the preferred approach in helping shape this ambition.  

Internal and external readiness​

We first created an organizational framework, describing structure, processes, competences and governance. In parallel we helped the organization in defining, shaping and implementing value solutions. Been helped set up processes for account selection and played a pivotal role in setting up multi-year strategic partnerships with key account hospitals. We developed an onboarding program for new hires to the department and trained new hires in required competences. Key processes with internal and external stakeholders were drafted and implemented.​

A professional inhouse consultancy department​

A professional consulting department with clear roles, responsibilities, and governance for internal alignment is installed within the company. The department has set up and continues to set up multi-year strategic partnerships with key accounts for increasing patient value. Four hires have been done (department manager and consultants). Co-creation project with key accounts have significantly increase patient value and intensified engagement with key accounts.​

Green Deal Duurzame Zorg

Key results

  • Increased patient-value
  • Intensified engagement with stakeholders
  • Carrying out multi-year strategic partnerships
  • Professional in-house consulting department

“We wanted to build partnerships with key accounts and gain knowledge about the changing healthcare landscape and our future role in care delivery. Been has been the driving force in developing and installing an internal consulting department and in setting up strategic multi-year partnerships with key accounts. We now are co-creating patient value with our own consultants with hospitals.” 

Director strategic accounts

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