KOGA's performance boost

KOGA has been a premium bike brand since 1974. Quality is what matters at KOGA. This is reflected at its production facilities in Heereveen. KOGA's way of working can be described as: one bike, one mechanic. There's one mechanic who builds the bike from scratch and there's one inspector who checks the entire bike afterwards. The demand for (electric) KOGA bikes has skyrocketed in the past years. More people discover (electric) bikes as an alternative way to travel - for work and leisure. Great news for people and planet!

There's only one problem. KOGA has trouble in keeping up with demand. There are supply chain issues, mainly due to COVID-19, and there's a shortage of technical staff. How can KOGA work smarter without changing the quality and its main principle: one mechanic, one bike. Can Been Management Consulting help KOGA boost its performance?

KOGA bikes

Key results

  • A team that learns and improves its performance on a daily basis
  • A team that also works on long-term improvements
  • KOGA upholds its high quality standards
  • KOGA keeps its promise to customers
  • In short, a performance boost for KOGA

“Been Management Consulting differs from other consultants. They connect and collaborate with the work-floor much better.

Arrie Bregman, production manager KOGA


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Roderick Oe