Pharmaceutical company & Hospital

Developing ICHOM outcome sets and improving care

A leading global pharmaceutical company and one of their key account hospitals have joined forces in improving patient care. Potential process optimization projects were identified, but there was uncertainty around the most effective projects. There was no insight into most important determinants for improvement. The main aim was to optimize care delivery for improving patient well-being and reducing costs.​

Health outcomes leading in identifying optimization ​

We helped the hospital and pharmaceutical company develop an outcome set that focused on value for patient using the ICHOM structure (ICHOM stands for: International Consortium for Health Outcomes and Measurement ed.). This was done through standardized work sessions with both healthcare professionals and patients. The outcomes measures were translated into clinical and process parameters and implemented. The care delivery value chain was mapped and bottlenecks were identified with a cross-functional medical team. Both the outcome measures (clinical and process) and the bottlenecks determined the exact focus for process optimization.​

Optimized care and reduced costs

Patient value increased through optimization of processes that most effected health outcomes, and the availability of the most important clinical parameters during the patient & healthcare professional consult. Consultation lead times have decreased resulting in less waste, reduced costs and increased production. Due to dashboards highlighting measures, continuous improvement is now easier and more effective.​​


Key results

  • More value for patients
  • Focus on the health outcomes that matter most
  • Shorter lead time of consultations
  • Less waste, lower costs, higher production

“Been Management Consulting has helped us in determining the health outcomes that matter most to a specific patient group along ICHOM lines by guiding us through comprehensive work sessions that included participation of HCP’s and patients. These outcomes helped us focus our process optimization initiatives.” 

Business Unit director 

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