Hospital & Biotech company

Dialysis homecare improvements​

A dialysis hospital (multiple clinics) and a biotech company work together to deliver patient value in dialysis care. To reduce the impact of dialysis on patients' daily lives, both partners wanted to optimize care processes in the clinics and in home dialysis. Been Management Consulting was asked to support this.​

Help the organization continuously improve​

The project kicked off with a workshop detailing long term goals of both partners and defining specific 2019 goals. Been helped translate these into KPI’s for measuring performance in patient related outcomes, team performance, and costs.​

A tailored LEAN approach was designed to continuously improve dialysis processes in the clinics and in home dialysis. A group of 20 carefully selected professionals were trained in the LEAN methodology and were coached on the job. This led to 12 specific LEAN optimization projects both in clinic and homecare dialysis that were implemented and measured.

Increased patient and HCP value​

A total of 12 LEAN improvement projects were implemented. Patient related outcomes were defined, implemented and are now measured for continuous improvement. Twenty healthcare professionals are now LEAN greenbelt certified and able to continuously improve care processes. Team satisfaction improved and market share increased due to higher patient value through optimized care processes with less impact on patient’s daily lives.​

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Key results

  • Less impact on patients' daily lives
  • Market share increased
  • Improved team satisfaction
  • 20 LEAN certified healthcare professionals

“By working together in this partnership, major changes have been achieved through small steps. With the improvements that were designed with LEAN we were able to reduce the impact of dialysis on patient’s daily lives” 


Director Operations

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